Bottle return biz booming again



“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”- Anon

B A C K  I N  T H E  S A D D L E  A G A I N 

The bottle depot featured above provides a steady stream of income for those folks who either bring in their bottle or can returns after personal use or who have a part time avocation of collecting such items from dumpsters around the neighborhood.

The COVId 19 virus forced this outlet to close down for the past three months due to health concerns. Those folks dependent on this depot to provide them a supplemental income with the bottles they brought there were caught off guard.

This is usually a busy location as many homeless residents eagerly brought their bottles here for a source of funding. Past articles on this site has featured such ambitious and industrious people waiting patiently in line for their turn at procuring funds for their efforts.

New health rules and regulations had affected the manner in which business will be conducted here. Although no one in the main photo was wearing a mask the safe distance motif was followed fairly regularly.

As the warmer weather arrives the site will  experience an increase of traffic to its front door. 


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