Giving the Block Editor “air time”?

The WP BLOG Editor has many new and appealing bells and whistles attached to it. However if you are blind and cannot examine these new features what can you do?

Well, why can’t Word Press send folks a “podcast” so that they can listen to the improvements and decide for themselves if this is what they really want. Many times writing to the WP Execs is a waste of time. But podcast….hmm. – gc

O.K. So tomorrow is All Change Day!

i know that we are still meant to be able to use the Classic Editor by clicking somewhere.  Being blind I won’t be able to see that.

Have got used to manipulating this Classic Editor, as I began using it before I went completely blind.  So in a way  I kind of know where I am with it though it is still very difficult for me to make a post.  However, if I had to use the new Block Editor I would be in a total mess.  Having tried to read about it I have found that I simply cannot follow it.  I cannot see diagrams or layouts or anything at all that explains how to use it.

i am therefore truly hoping that indeed we cn still choose to use the ClassicEditor, otherwise I too will have to leave WordPress!

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  1. Unbelievable!! HOW DID YOU NOT NOTICE?

    The final guide to the Block Editor (Part three) that I wrote on OUR site Weekly Prompts and stored on the How-To Pages also includes a picture guide on how to revert to the Classic Editor. I have given her the link that hopefully, her husband will read for her.


    • Thanks Susan. You’re the best. I am still hoping that Word Press will crete a podcast for its users. AFter all they are pushing that concept in their emails to member subscribers.

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