A pandemic, protesters and the press




“When the looting starts…the shooting starts.” – President Trump ( claimed that the statement was not used as a threat).

B I G  B R O T H E R  I S  W A T C H I N G 

President Donald J. Trump is not playing chess or checkers with American society. He really does not have the savvy or the skills to do that. He is the type of person who would shrewdly and deliberately eat the playing pieces and claim the it was all a mistake and of course he was blameless.

He is more than ready to deploy the nation’s armed forces to quell the rioting in the streets only if the governors of the states involved request the assistance.

Trump is truly a shrewd bastard because if something goes wrong and the damage and the body counts rise due to the confrontation he can publicly claim that the governors in their ineptness are responsible for any and all outcomes. He has once again covered his ass.

His public disdain of the press has eventuated in a number of reporters being arrested, hand cuffed and dragged away from the scenes of the rioting even though they waved their press credentials and notebooks high in the air for the advancing horde of riot police to see.

The freedom of the press was unofficially revoked by a Tweeting Trump who cares only for his election numbers and nothing else. The press has a right to be there to report events as log as they are not interfering with police intervention. 

As yet he had issued a public statement regarding the events happening in the country but many feel that he would only fuel the unrest by adding his own brand of inflammatory hubris to the mix. His mind set might be “what have you got to lose?”

A man who tends to politicize everything from social distancing to wearing a protective face mask cannt be relied upon during this tumultuous time to offer any kind of assurances or calming words for a populace who have already endured a pandemic, racial injustice and high unemployment.

Trumps best nail out plan would be to physically resign his position as president and seek a position at Fox and Friends as an advertising executive.

The American people and the world is now telling him in no uncertain terms” you’re fired!!”

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