Pandemic putzes are everywhere



“I am patient with stupidity but not with those who are proud of it.” – Edith Sitwell.

P R O T E C T  Y O U R S E L F  A N D  O T H E R S

At this stage of the pandemic game are you beginning to realize how naively stupid a majority of your fellow man really is and how stressful situations help to bring their innate level of ignorance to the surface.

Yesterday (Wednesday) was the day I visited the bank to transact a small amount of personal business. I discovered that “senior hour” started at ten a.m. and I was there at 9:45 a.m. bright eyed and bushy tailed .

There were more than a dozen other customers waiting outside of the bank and the majority of these folks were definitely not senior citizens. I discovered that there were three other members of my social grouping also waiting patiently in line.

As I waited patiently in line ( the proper social distancing signs had been drawn on the sidewalk) I noticed a number of people walking past me and they were chatting and joking with some of the customers assembled outside.

These jolly and sociable souls were bank personnel arriving at the building to begin their shift. None of them were wearing facial masks but they were interacting with many of the customers outside.

I thought I was in for a long wait but happily a female bank member started walking up and down the line and informing those gathered there that this was designated as senior hour and if there were NO seniors in line then a few exceptions to the rule would be allowed entrance to the bank.

She approached me and while holding a small electronic tablet asked if (1) if I had been out of the country recently; (2) did I have a cold or fever (3) the nature of my visit. All this done by the book. She was wearing a plastic face shield. A colorful scarf covered her mouth and nose. I complimented her on her good fashion sense.

After a brief ten minute wait my name was called and I occupied a place near the front door. The male bank representative ( who was not wearing a mask or gloves) chatted with me briefly. I asked him why he was not wearing a mask and he told me that “he was tested daily and he tested negative”.

I entered the front door and noticed that the guards posted there were also not wearing masks. I guessed they were gamblers and felt lucky abut not catching the virus.

I was directed to teller window number one. The female clerk manning that post was wearing a facial mask  and latex glove. A plastic “sneeze guard” window separated the tellers from the public.

As I transacted my banking business a female customer at teller window next to my own two started coughing. She lowered her mask, did not cover her mouth or nose and sneezed at the plastic window.

She lowered the mask from her nose and let it dangle freely on the bottom of her chin and chatted with the clerk. While it was possible for me to communicate with the teller wearing my mask this woman apparently could not do the same. By the way ths woman was not a senior ( in case you were wondering).

As I was exiting the bank via the one and only entrance I noticed the male who did not wear a mask helping a female customer at the  automated teller machine. The woman was not wearing a mask. The man was working the keypad of the ATM with deftness and speed.

On my way into the building I had asked this man if the ATM keypads  were wiped frequently with a disinfectant and he assured me that they were after “each and every” transaction.

For his sake I hoped he was correct in his assumption. In case you were wondering I was wearing a face mask and gloves. 

During this uneasy time many folks are making personal interpretations as to the safety/non safety aspect of things.

My only comment here : wear the bloody masks and help protect me if not yourselves.

While the use of the “dune cap” tended to rightly or wrongly publicly label a person a cavalier attitude towards health and public safety matters is an invisible marker labelling people as either indifferent or naïve about the seriousness of the current COVID 19 pandemic.







  1. As most of us know, the recommended reason for wearing a mask is to protect others, they’re not meant to be for our personal protection, or so the scientists tell us. So why on earth wasn’t the foolish woman wearing one?

    I find it absolutely disgusting that she chose to take off her mask at the time when she needed to protect others the most.

    We’re told that masks offer little protection from the virus, but they do protect other people from us.

    If I were you, I’d put on your ‘Protection for the people hat’ and start complaining!

    Anyway, The senior hour is surely to protect seniors. So why was the bank inviting younger people into the building during the same hour? Sounds like they’ve missed the point completely!

    I have a stack of masks, but only used one because as you know I haven’t been out since March 12th! The other day I had Joss come inside to do a job for me, he wore a mask and gloves to protect me, all the same I stayed 2metres away from him and I wore a mask because despite what the scientists say, it helped me feel more secure.

    I don’t need to go anywhere so I’ll continue to stay home in my bubble and it doesn’t bother me in the least ! 🙂

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    • On American television the experts are saying that the mask might also protect the wearer from being contaminated. There was no one in the bank to police the woman’s reckless behavior. This is one virus that has everyone not only buffaloed but also guessing what o do next. Like you, I also enjoy staying home in self isolation.

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