Helping our spirits soar for holiday




“Dear alcohol, We had a deal where you would make me funnier, smarter, and a better dancer… I saw the video… we need to talk.” – Anon

This delivery truck arrived at the depot early Monday morning and the spirited items carefully loaded onto an electrical power dolly.

E I T H E R  B O O Z E  I T  O R  L O S E  I T

This Friday ( May 15th) marks the beginning of a long three day holiday weekend for folks in Canada. Monday is Victoria Day and the usually activity filled weekend of barbecues, outdoor parties and other socializing activities will be postponed this year thanks to the arrival of the COVID 19 virus and its definitely downer behavior.

Liquor outlets began stocking up on their supplies early this week to meet the expected rush of thirsty customers. Traditionally this was a family oriented three day event but this year the pandemic has put the kaibosh on all anticipated weekend fun. Drat.

Anyway I purchased my bottle of Captain Morgan spiced light rum one week ago hoping to not have to pay the jacked up price many outlets added to their liquor selling price.

I was surprised though that there was no line up of people outside the depot patiently waiting their turn to enter this sacred domain.

Customers did wait patient and well distanced in front of the neighborhood Dollar Store whose security personnel limited the number of people in the store to keep the numbers low.

I guess we all have the right to party alone and keep our spirits up by now and then raising our glass and saluting ourselves for being so self isolating. 

I am trying to socially distance myself from my bottle of rum but figure what the heck a man can only do so much for the country.

Cheers! A tip of the hat and my half filled glass to one and all.

Enjoy the start of an uneventful summer folks!



    • Thanks Lois. Cheers to you as well. I sincerely hope you were listening to some Lawrence Welk music when you popped your cork! When I indulge in some Captain Morgan I enjoy listening to some music from South Pacific and imagine myself away from all this virus stuff. Worrying about it makes the sipping less enjoyable. 🙂 Take care. Be safe. Keep on popping those corks!!!

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  1. Cheers, GC. That’s one good thing in the UK: the deliveries to our doorsteps have kept coming. Absolutely no social distancing affecting the wine delivery. Also read that a large proportion of the UK is v. happy with lockdown, in connection with this (maybe, maybe not?) someone also mentioned the 174% increase in UK tequila sales.


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