Pea sized hail stones pummel area




“It took me twenty one years to realize that it’s hard as hail and not hard as hell.” – Anon

A  W H I T E  T R I B U T E  T O  M O M ?

Although the calendar indicated that last Sunday( May 10th) was Mother’s Day the stormy clouds outside many self isolating residences unleashed a barrage of pea sized hail stones on the area that lasted almost one hour.

Before the wintry onslaught the temperature outside was around forty five degrees Fahrenheit and the sky over cast and dark. It was a cool day but not the kind of ay you would expect a storm as this to occur.

The ice pellets fell from the sky in a frenzy and were similar to one of those winter blizzard snow storms in which visibility is limited and the ground gets quickly covered in a pristine layer of white.

I suppose Mother Nature wanted to publicly celebrate the fact that even though the time is bleak and stormy and uncertain there is still the need to recognize the fact that mothers everywhere should be celebrated for all they do and are now doing to hold the family unit together.

A belated Happy Mothers day to all!



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