G Mail Suite getting a bit paranoid



“Our job as Americans and as Republicans is to dislodge the traitors from every place where they’ve been sent to do their traitorous work. — Senator Joseph McCarthy

A  R E G U L A R  G U Y  W H O  F O U G H T  D I R T Y

Do you think that the Trump White House is flexing its might and muscle and “secretly” trying to unduly influence those institutions that we have over the years trusted and thought to be free of political bias and persuasion?

Well think again. It now appears that the G mail service might also be influenced by this crazed president who is probably a cloned relative of the infamous Senator Joe McCarthy of the era of doubt and suspicion bearing his name and trademark.

I have been blogging for a great many years and have readers from all over the world who comment on my article and who have blog sites which I visit regularly. 

Whenever they liked my articles I would receive an email  informing me of their approval and also a link to their site to read their work. I have a Gmail Suite account to handle the Main Aisle correspondence.

Over the years there was no problem. Now I am receiving a warning message from Gmail that this previously trusted site has now become unsecured and not to be trusted.

The fellow bloggers I share ideas and articles with do not live in North America and that appears to be the bugaboo causing their site to become suspect. One reader lives in Africa while another lives in Australia

I wonder why suddenly the trusted sites these folks once used have gotten a negative evaluation from Gmail?

When I visit these sites now I have a warning message appear with the option to either  continue to the site or else block it from my visiting it. The nature of the sites have become suspect and non trustworthy.

What in the hell is going on here?  Is Trump’s suspicion of one country causing the others to follow like dominoes in the social reality of the times?

Have you started to experience this same type of situation whenever you click on a site you have visited for years only to be informed it is now “suspicious”?

Would love to have your feedback on this one. 


  1. The world is indeed becoming a very disturbing place, G.C. In the UK we have all manner of official/unofficial agencies now censoring the internet: no deviation from the official narrative is acceptable.


    • I am more disturbed by the fact Tish that your site was also “targeted” as one being worthy of scrutiny and caution. How long have we been visiting one another’s sites without incident or comment by the Correctness Police. A few months ago I also noticed that a goodly portion of my emails from comments on my blog were being dispatched to the trash bin before I had a chance to read them. Orwell’s idea of Big Brother is slowly becoming a Big pain!

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      • That’s interesting. I’ve been in dialogue with wordpress over this. The engineers are concerned at how this is can be happening. The last case of my site going insecure appeared to be because I ‘liked’ a contrarian report posted on another blog. The report itself came from another website which is secure, but somehow the image from the front page of that report had been ‘bugged’. This then registers on one’s own blogroll ‘as a like’ (though in the case of my site those details are on another page and most viewers probably don’t even go there). The engineers said they would look into this and that it could take some time. That was a couple of weeks ago. There is some very bad manipulation going on among the powers that be.

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    • I don’t want to sound like a name dropper Lisa but this week when I tried to visit your site I also received the warning that your site is “suspicious” and cautioned to proceed with caution. As far as freedom goes we all have the following options: (1) no freedom or (2) limited and monitored freedom. A Hobson’s choice really. Part of the new paranoid regime I guess.


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