Merely a difference of opinion


“Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else’s opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation.”― Oscar WildeDe Profundis

Social distancing versus socially distancing

In this “post” COVID 19 reality you probably have noticed that there has been a lot of verbal foreplay as to how to decipher the strict governmental guidelines issued to protect folks from the ravaging effects of this pandemic killer.

The wearing of masks in public is a “cause celebre” and a few folks have exercised their rights to not have to wear masks but also enforce the law via physical altercation and monetary fines. Describing this life saving guidine as a Nazi attempt to control personal freedoms is an absurdity. Darth Vader wore a mask. Trump does not!!

President Trump recently  recently told reporters that he dos not like wearing this facial protection because it makes him look ridiculous. His personal philosophy of “what have you got to lose” may be severely tested as member of his personal White House team and the three medical professionals entrusted to offer important opinions about the virus have not only contracted the virus but also placed themselves in isolation

In the photo above employees at a bottle return plant define social isolation in their own manner. Perhaps the man sitting there by himself is the plant supervisor and was enjoying a few quiet moments of introspection . 

Their actions demonstrate the way in which people toady are looking for any and all legal loopholes which will excuse them from following a code of behavior meant to save their lives.

I suppose of you really need to have you hair done or get that tattoo before you die then all is well.

The irrational fear of losing out on a non essential service will cause the numbers of infected to rise and make the planet that much more susceptible to extinction.

Besides, a society that depends on hair cutting, tattoo parlors and beauty salons to financially make ends meet is more in line with a struggling banana republic regime than the United States. 

United we stand. Divided we die!




  1. I just don’t understand some rules. As of today we can drive 100km. have up to 10 people for dinner. You can fish in a boat but not on a lake shore. public transport is open with crowded platforms but you still need to stay 5 metres from a running partner and 10 metres if cycling. They have opened the aiguille de midi finicular. They have opened borders between France and England but we have had strict measures and England has not.. It’s like everyday they make new ideas up.. ;-(


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