Buzz words that shape our reality



“I used to be scared of death until I found out it’s now called ‘end of life.’ Phew, that was close!” ― Stewart Stafford

This is a little exercise in fertility and general awareness that catchy phrases, advertising jingles and political platforms have always endorsed the simple and at times effective slogans that guide our lives and help political hopefuls win upcoming elections. What do you think? Notice the three “Rs” in all examples!


R E A D I N G….R I T I N G … R I T H E M A T I C


R E L I E F  … R E C O V E R Y  … R E F O R M 

R E G R E T  ….  R E M O R S E  … R E C R I M A T I O N 

This has probably been an nostalgic trip down memory lane presenting a few of the more effective slogans that brought us all where we all are at today.

There is also the recent rumor that Trump’s campaign manger will demand an accurate count of all the COVID 19 casualties so that the record will be correct, the names and the social insurance numbers tallied and of course the grief brought to all ready grieving family members totally ignored.

I guess the plan is based on the accuracy of the Nazis regime who were quite accurate in their atrocities.

The number there was six million. Trump’s total thus far is a meager one million lost souls. Give it time folks. He will make America and himself great again! 

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