Customer satisfaction paramount



“The customers perception is your reality. What they think about your products , MATTER. If you dont put your customers perception first, THE GAME IS OVER.”― Sharfaraz Ahmed

Wednesday’s Word Challenge on partner Susan and my alternate site, WEEKLY PROMPTS, was the word HABITS.

Our personal habits and tastes help to define who we are as individuals. They are usually non life threatening. They are a bother to friends and family but over time we accept them as normal.

During this COVID 19 pandemic crisis those same innocuous habits could get a person infected and also transform him/her into asymptomatic disease carriers.

Atlanta this week opened the doors on many of its previously closed businesses. Barber shops, massage parlors, bowling alleys and many furniture stores placed the “OPEN FOR BUSINESS” signs in their storefront windows.

At one barber shop customer lines started forming at seven a.m. while the shop opened for business at eight a.m.  I guess their hair had grown to a length that they were not used to accepting as normal.

Habit must have forced them to get up early that day and seek out professional help to make them look socially acceptable once again.

A few reporters outside the shop noticed that the barbers inside did not wear face masks or gloves, no effort was made at social distancing and the waiting chairs in the pace were filled with customers.

This is a matter of ego and not current reality. Does the public really need massage parlors and tattoo parlors open during this critical time? 

Their opening is a public affront to all those front line Emergency room doctors, nurses and health care professionals desperately doing their best to serve afflicted victims of this pandemic.

The time is not right to rush headlong to open such businesses or seek the services of the folks employed there until some type of checks and balance has been established to control the spread of this virus.

Although President Trump publicly blasted that state’s governor for rushing headlong into that medical fray he probably gave them a private thumbs up for doing so.

I think that Trump is also being given a hearty thumbs up for the way he is constantly bungling his approach to handling the pandemic. 

The “thumbs up” he is currently experiencing is right up his butt. 




Wednesday Challenge – Habits




  1. Well said
    I am appalled and disgusted at the way these people disregard the safety of others.

    Very soon America will be on its knees and the health systems will be unable to cope. Innocents will die and these ignorant and ill informed citizens will be to blame.

    Go ahead Atlanta, get your hair cut, and while you’re at it why not have a tattoo! Help kill off the medical profession. You know what… Each of you should be thoroughly ashamed!

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again I am so so glad I am not an American, because right now there’s not one single thing to be proud of!


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