Trump: a “habit” we all regret

A Clorox cocktail?




“People demand freedom of speech as a compensation for the freedom of thought which they seldom use.”― Søren Kierkegaard

H I S  D I V I N E  R I T E  O F  K I N G S  ?

Wednesday’s Word challenge on partner Susan and my alternate sit, WEEKLY PROMPTS, was the word  habits.

There is one thing you will notice about the current American president: his continuing outright stupidity, lack of self discipline and disregard for facts enables him to both schmooze and bamboozle an American public desperate for leadership and guidance during this traumatic period in history.

His frantic rantings and ravings, unsubstantiated opinions about a possible cure for the pandemic and his lack of self control enable him to trump his former inept actions.

His recent pronouncement about drinking bleach to cleanse the virus from the human body or using some type of ultra violet light to shine inside the body is pure nonsense.

His is one person who should wear a face mask and a muzzle to prevent him from ever being taken seriously.

When will they turn off his microphone and allow him to wander the streets and sell his snake oil potions, notions and lotions?



Wednesday Challenge – Habits

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