Age old battle: haves vs have nots




The difference between the Haves and Have-nots? The will to sacrifice and to do what others won’t…. Very simple.”― Ziad K. Abdelnour.

A  B R A V E  N E W  W O R L D  O F  C H A L L E N G E 

This week’s Wednesday’s challenge on partner Susan and my alternate site, WEEKLY PROMPTS, is the word HABITS. It is time to develop creative habits that will lead to solutions to fight this pandemic.

By itself the word is innocuous because we  all know what our habits are and how difficult it is at times to modify our behavior even a little to improve our lot in life.

But in the age of the COVID pandemic we do not have that luxury. We have become more vigilant , more health and safety conscious and of course more self isolating.

The invisible intruder is in our midst and he/ she is really one of us. The herd of humanity is looking this way and that to discover the truth about itself, its members and the relationship of certain members to the way reality will function from now on.

According to many economists those individuals who have successfully survived the ravages of the COVID virus will become valuable commodities ensuring that the other members of the human race will have a fighting chance to also defeat this enemy.

Plasma from its recovered victims is in the experimental stage of being administered to the most severely affected with the hopes that this will offer a protection against and and an effective vaccine against a global tragedy.

This is definitely the time for creative thinking not only from the officially recognized health experts ( who at this time are being bullied and badgered by the Trump administration) but by anyone and everyone who is frustrated by the lack of proper personal protective equipment that is sorely needed at this time.

Many super market chain outlets have rethought the way customers will shop in their aisles. Directional arrows on the floor have turned free range paths into one way avenues. Signs at the ends of these aisle inform shoppers that this is an exit and not an entrance zone.

“Please don’t squeeze the produce” signs are now placed strategically near those fruits and vegetables that we all have at one time or another squeezed to test for firmness and freshness. This one is a hard habit to kick.

Since the majority of us are sitting at home now with plenty of free time on our hands we should try to use the talents we possess to try to find solutions to the little things that can or might lead to major innovations.

Remember in the good old days when Jobs and Wozniak were tinkering around in their garages with their makeshift computers.Their innovative ways of thinking gave us the luxury and the advantages of  the electronic gizmos we all take for granted today.

It’s time to get into the habit of putting on our thinking caps and coming up with new ways of doing things before it is too late. The creative impulse must become a part of our collective consciousness .

President Trump recently ridiculed the lack of swabs in the country. He said they were nothing more than large Q tips. His limited imagination and under appreciation of the facts labels him an idiot.

If it is so simple to make the swabs why isn’t America doing so along with other Personal Protective Equipment sorely needed by front line responders?

It is time to get into the habit of facing the facts and tying your best however small to improve things. 

Making America great again means tapping into the creative spirit of its citizenry.

It’s time to target solutions and not the survivors of this tragedy.



Wednesday Challenge – Habits









    • Many times I think Lisa that a “work” habit like that one evolves into a type of feudal family entity. People form bonds beyond economics. It is tough on the underemployed but it does happen.


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