Some preachers not that enlightened




“Just as demagogues lead their well-intentioned followers into tragedy, so the jungle inevitably reclaims it’s own.” ― Jeff Gunn

W O R S H I P I N G  G O D  O N  A  P E R S O N A L  L E V E L

This is an important weekend to people of many religious persuasions. Their traditional way of worship has been drastically altered due to the COVID 19 virus and new and innovative ways to practice their faith while obeying the social distancing guidelines have been entertained.

The goal here is not one of restricting religious freedom but in essence attempting to curtail the spread of this deadly virus.

One pastor in Baton Rouge Louisiana disobeyed this directive and recently used 26 buses to transport over 1,800 people to his church’s site. Social distancing was not followed during the service and the disobedient pastor was arrested .

He believes that pastors are a churches first responders and said that if any of his flock contracts the virus he will cure them by a laying of hands.

This enigmatic preacher might as well have offered his followers a poisoned glass of Kool Aid as preacher Jimmy Jones previously did with member if his own People’s Temple  congregation in Jonestown years ago.

One of the ten commandment issues the directive “thou shalt not kill.”

I wonder if this pastor momentarily forgot the meaning of these words and used his congregation’s gullibility and naivete to promote his own dark agenda.

The biblical directive to “go forth and spread the word” does not include spreading a lethal virus to everyone you meet.

Other religious denominations have preserved the worship aspect of their faith and modified the manner in which their followers can honor their religious practices and customs.




    • The word “must” is one used by those people who need to feel in charge of things and not represent the will of God. History is full of these enlightened despots. Happy Easter Lisa. 🙂


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