Virus contaminates common sense




“You are not entitled to your opinion. You are entitled to your informed opinion. No one is entitled to be ignorant.”― Harlan Ellison

T H E  A B S U R D I T Y  O F  M O D E R N  T I M E S 

A definite laxity of common sense has taken over the world and actions that at one time would have been labelled “ridiculous” are becoming matter-of- fact if not outright fantasy.

Voters in Minnesota turned out to vote despite the fact that the states governor tried to postpone this until a later date when the effects of the Corona Virus were more greater understood. The Republican dominated state legislature opposed the Democratic governor and voters went to the polls despite the health implications of infection.

Former Vice President Joe Biden when asked by CNN reporters if this election should be postponed answered that “the U.S. democratic system needs to have the elections to take place when scheduled.”

He also added that neither the Spanish Influenza nor the bombing of Pearl Harbor forced the rescheduling of the election in those  bygone years

On another matter have you noticed that people are still clustering in super markets and on street corners despite the warnings of keeping personal contacts down. Small discussion groups of shoppers block the already narrow aisles of pharmacies and grocery stores forcing shoppers to detour around them.

Another oddity I continue to notice is the increasing number of folks wearing the protective N 95 face masks or the more ubiquitous surgical mask level of protection. My question is this: Where are they getting these masks from and why are they so secretive about the source?

One woman I asked about her mask told me she was a home care worker and was issued the mask by her employer. Another person was a maintenance worker and his employer provided him with the mask.

I then look around and see a whole slew of people wearing this mask and I wonder if they are black market issue or have they been hoarded from days gone by?

These days the notion of common sense has been eroded to a level of performance that defies logic and understanding.  The virus is white washing reality it seems. Keeping your nose clean and eyes open will alert you to what is really out there. 





    • Good for you Lisa. Many shoppers I noticed yesterday were wearing scarves to protect themselves. Remember to wash the scarf frequently to protect yourself. Happy Easter. 🙂


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