Getting squirrely over isolation?



Self confinement is a protection and not a punishment. How you handle this new way of living is entirely up to you. You can welcome the change and explore new ways of doing things or you can gripe , carp and complain about how really unfair this is all becoming. Partner Susan welcomes the new wave of solitary living. – gc

Nan's Farm

empty trolley“I would prefer a thousand mistakes in extravagance of love to any paralysis in wariness of fear.”  –  Gerald May

The Wednesday Challenge on partner GC and my site Weekly Prompts  is Wary.

An appropriate challenge word for the unfortunate times that we find ourselves living. 

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  1. isolation I have no problem with but am totally with the New Zealand Prime minister that says get out, exercise, just stay away from people.. That is logical.. I hike into the forest behind my house and see no one but by rights I am not allowed to do that.. 😉


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