“If you get sick please clean it up”




“Although we are developing a better understanding of the biology,epidemiology, and evolution of species jump we are not yet able to predict future infectious disease threats.” – Mark Woolhouse.


Wednesday Challenge – Daily Diary

The following quote is the international rental company’s pledge to residents who live in their housing units: ” We’re in this together – protecting our communities through COVID 19.”

This is a reassuring statement issued probably to help relieve the doubts, fears and concerns that many residents now have during this fearful and uncertain time. But the statement lacks resolve and determination to actually protect health tenants from disease.

This morning around 10 a.m. I left my suite with two green trash bags ( one for Friday ad the other for Saturday. I am trying to radically limit my exposure to crowds and potential sources of COVID 19 virus.

I was about to exit the building via the glass enclosed from door when I noticed a disturbing site on the floor to the entrance and on one of the window frames: someone had vomited on both the door and entrance way carpet and did not bother to clean up their mess.

Altering my plans I exited the building through the back door, placed the two trash bags in the large green receptacle and then returned to my suite. I removed my shoes at the door and wiped the bottoms of them with a disinfectant and removed my disposable latex gloves.

I then picked up my cell phone and called the onsite rental office. The female manager was there and I told her the reason for my call.  This was the second time in two weeks that the front door entrance had been contaminated. The previous time was a lot worse than this one.

I asked her if it was possible to place a notification sign on the front door asking people to please clean up their mess if they have such an accident or at least report it to the office who could contact housekeeping crew to handle the mess.

“People don’t care and I doubt if they would even bother to read the notice let alone inform the office of their situation.” she told me.

She then asked me if I would do her a favor and clean up the mess for her to which I was thinking no way that was going to happen. I do not have the Personal Protective Equipment (P.P.E.) required to do the job safely.

She seemed opposed to the idea of imposing any type of signage because that would jeopardize tenant relations with the office. Another manageress told me the week before that before you take any step you have to seriously consider the current rental situation.

Y told her that was too bad for the rental rate but tenant health and safety should be the goal especially since the firm’s business goal was care for residents during this viral crisis.

I have learned through past experiences with this rental office and their management teams that it is better to not go against the grain or they will ignore my requests for service.

But that does not men that I will be quiet about things. The know that when I am properly motivated and improperly ignored I can become a burr in their saddle.

At this time I did not notice any housekeeping team enter the area but I did observe a number of fellow tenants exiting the building through the front door.

I wish them all the best of health and hope that the management team here will take their heads out of their butts and be a bit more proactive during this viral threat.







    • My sentiment exactly. And you also have the answer: that won’t happen. There is an 8-1-1 number to call if you have the major symptoms but then again you have to know who the culprit.

      I live in a multi cultural rental site and many people here keep to themselves ( except when the have a vomiting bout) and as you read the on site manager does not want to make waves.

      So I stay safe and sound in my suite far from this maddening crowd of cronies. 🙂

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  1. Do her a favor and clean it up? Is there not some type of local board of health agency that can come in and threaten holy hell on them for not taking care of this clean-up? Their rationale for not putting up a sign makes no sense at all.

    From a business perspective, which is worse for business, a sign asking residents to clean up after themselves, or an entry door possibly contaminated with who knows what?

    Stay on that rental office. You pay rent, they work for you and you’re entitled to better service than they’re giving. Be well.


    • According to her way of thinking no one will pay heed tot that type of signage. It may be too disgusting. I pay a hefty monthly rent and do deserve better than her flimsy excuse. I will contact the Board of Health and see what they can do for me.
      Take care and be well yourself. Thanks for writing.


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