Constant hand washing is a pain



“We need to create a culture where hand-washing is the thing to do, … If we can just wash our hands, we will have an impact on some of the most common problems, as well as some of the most serious health problems we face.” —Julie Gerberding

Do you find that this constant hand washing routine we are all required to maintain is getting to be a bit too much especially since a number of hand wipes, hand sanitizers and effective hand soaps have been hoarded by the more greedy among us?

It seems that this obsessive attention to hand washing is essential if we are tying to not infect ourselves and others but you do have to admit it is getting nerve wracking and you must be attuned to your body actions constantly being aware of what you touched and what you should not touch.

When your personal supply of Lysol wipes is depleted and you must search for other ways to protect yourself you do need to bolster your determination and be persistent in your effort to stay safe.

One of my neighbors Mike lives alone and has set up a chart listing the times he washed his hands, the items he touched and at the end of the day listing the total number of washing times he has logged.

I have started doing the same thing and also keeping an eye peeled for those hand wipes and towelettes that were once in abundance on the supermarket shelves. One Safeway manager stated that the company has hired more trucks and drivers to deliver the goods to the store.

One encouraging sign of good things to come was an apology to customers for not having certain items on hand and promising that the goods will be delivered shortly. Patience is the requirement of the day in this instance.

How are you and your family handling this stressful time? The self isolation puts a damper on your spirit. Are you monitoring your children’s hand washing frequencies or do you have an aged parent who also needs to be monitored?

These are troubling times and hopefully the essential products we all need will once again be available for us on store shelves.


Wednesday Challenge – Daily Diary




    • Soap and water are fine if you are a home body. But when you are out and about you need the sanitizer to protect yourself. I wear disposable latex gloves when I am out shopping.


  1. You and I have always said how important it is to keep our hands clean. We have often spoken on here during the flu season.

    I always wash my hands the moment I come home from anywhere.I always have.

    At the moment I am not leaving home but I’m still washing my hands when coming inside after being in garden.
    And after Victoria pops in to leave shopping on worktop I disinfect the surface and the door handles. I also disinfected my handrail on the stairs after my son-in-law came upstairs to fix a leak.

    I even wash my hands after opening the mail!

    You know I enjoy making charts etc, but I wouldn’t bother for this, all Mike needs to remember is to always wash his hands when he come home and after putting away the shopping and he shouldn’t let anyone into his apartment. Oh, and don’t forget to use hand cream! 🙂


    • Excellent strategy. I think hand cream is an essential. Dry skin on your hands causes dry sores which are ideal areas of entry for virus. 🙂


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