Credit/debit cards preferred over cash



“The contempt of money is no more a virtue than to wash one’s hand is one; but one does not willingly shake hands with a man that never washes his.” – Horace Walpole

  I D E A L  F O R M  O F  V I  R U S  T R A N S M I S S I O N  

As the world spirals deeper and deeper into the maelstrom of the COVID 19 virus many of the larger commercial retailers are placing notification signs near their cashier stations politely requesting that customers use either their credit or debit card to pay for their purchases.

One Safeway outlet sign asked customers to “remember that the person checking out your purchases has a family and if possible we ask you to refrain from using cash during this virus outbreak.”

The request may seem a bit brash and uncalled for but we are all trying to not become infected with this deadly disease and are or should be taking personal hygiene  steps to protect ourselves and our families from disaster.

This is a reasonable request considering the fact that many of the larger retail outlets do not have an adequate supply of either protective gloves or hand sanitizer.

On the other hand if you do use your bank debit or credit card remember to take precautions to not touch your face after using the numeric key pad to log in your password.

Would you feel imposed upon to use your plastic money and leave your coinage and folding currency at home during this stressful time?

I prefer using the plastic currency because all the change I would have received would have gone into my jacket pocket and would have not only weighed me down but provided the ideal opportunity for me to become infected with this disease.

These are truly unusual times and requests that were considered far fetched yesterday are now becoming normal ways of doing business and relating to others.



Wednesday Challenge – Daily Diary






  1. Yes, we were told same thing last week. It doesn’t make a difference to me because I’m not going anywhere, the family pick up anything I need. You were always very careful about ATM machines anyway and presumably you’re still wearing your gloves.

    The last time I used a cash machine I used a tissue over the keypad. I prefer contactless where possible, but over £30 it has to be the keypad.

    And I prefer self scanning check out. 🙂


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