COVID 19 impacts dating scene


“But soft, what light through yonder window breaks?
It is the east, and Juliet is the sun.” —Romeo And Juliet Act 2, scene 2, 2–6

T H E  W A Y  I T  U S E D  T O  B E  

Self control has now become the new normal. To abuse it is to lose everything.

The new guidelines of self isolation and social distancing are having a subtle impact on all those folks who used to enjoy the dating scene but are now limiting their social urges to prevent themselves from becoming extinct.

If you gaze out your windows you will notice that more folks are walking their pets and publicly expressing their affection for them in a novel manner: public cuddling, petting and unabashedly kissing their pets. 

I noticed today a number of couples walking down the street chatting and laughing and sharing time together BUT one of them (in these cases the  female)was leading the promenade while the male obediently followed observing the recommended safe personal distance of at least six feet. These folks are actively engaged in couple walking.

The manner in which they strolled down the street reminded me of the countries in which the female leads the male down a pathway ( one usually laced with explosive devices and other dangers) so that the male is totally safe from physical harm.

In this new recommended environment social intercourse is just that: chatting at a safe distance totally acceptable while holding hands, bumping elbows or even bumping into strangers is taboo.

This replaces the days when the girl’s father would stay up past midnight near the front door to ensure that his beloved daughter arrived home safely and of course unmolested.

Hopefully a cure for this pandemic horror will soon be discovered and the dating scene will once again be safe and sound for everyone.

Misquoting Shakespeare many couples today when thinking of their potential dating partner follow the “to sleep perchance to dream” safer course of action.

Who knew dating could get so complicated?







  1. I haven’t been anywhere to observe, my days are spent observing cows and sheep! Often preferable to humans 😂 Great article, And Secretly, I wish I could observe from afar, AKA A safe distance 🙂


  2. Certainly a cruel solution to overpopulation! Perhaps artificial incemination or test tube babies will become an everyday necessity. Nature is being a stern guardian right now.


    • Nature is waging its own form of eugenics war against mankind. Survival of the fittest at the fastest rate possible. The old, weak, infirm and the young are all targets for this new evolutionary program. Perhaps in mankind’s DNA coding there is an expiration date that self activates whenever the right conditions ( or the wrong ones ) exhibit themselves. The dinosaurs met their end via a supposed asteroid strike. Will mankind cease to exist due to a virus attack too small to see with the human eye?


  3. This morning on our walk, my husband and I came across a couple of runners. We all put out our arms and said, “Six feet!” Both a greeting, and a warning…… such strange times, Gerry.


    • I am glad you did that Lois. Someone should invent a horn that blasts out the saying “Six feet distance you dumb bastards”. All done politely of course. 🙂

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