Great Social Equalizer – COVID 19




“The problem with the world is that everyone is a few drinks behind.” – Humphrey Bogart

N O  S O L A C E  F O R  T H E  F E A R F U L 

COVID 19 apparently  likes a level playing field in which men, women, children ,seniors and the sick and infirm are all subject to its sadistic manipulation and devastation. It is a merciless killer and lacks a spirit of fair play and decency.

There is the possibility that liquor and wine stores are also subject to shortages not from the hoarding of the beer, wine and other spirits they sell but due to the fact that distillery employees and the delivery truck drivers themselves are falling prey to the disease in great numbers.

Independent store retailers are unable to guarantee when the next shipment of their alcoholic beverages will be delivered and panicky customers dread that another of their freedoms will be jeopardized by this unexpected virus.

The virus could be compared to a merciless vampire sucking the lifeblood from the world populations determined to not only physically harm unsuspecting victims but also mentally suck the joy of life from all those who cross its path of devastation and disease.

Countries are asking alcohol manufacturers to continue producing the spirits that many folks are using to wipe off their hands. A good strategy since there is a shortage of towelettes and lotions to do the job.

President Trump asked Americans to turn to God for guidance and strength during this pandemic and the governors of many states are beseeching the federal government to offer them assistance during these troubled times.

Asking Trump for any type of assistance is more than enough reason to cause a person to start drinking.

Hopefully there will not be this type of shortage for any appreciable length of time.





    • We can’t allow this newly imposed form of stress to dominate our lifestyle. This virus only a bump in the road and besides in this day and age we all have computers and access to chat programs that allow us to communicate with one another. We are NOT confined to a total state of isolation. The computer has drawn mankind together during this time of increased stress. Always remember you are NOT alone. Take care. Be safe. Stay positive. 🙂


  1. Finally, Trump has given up on giving ill-informed, dangerous advice and has directed his people to a higher power. On the other hand he may have taken the Bible too literally when he read that God had made man in His own image! 😂


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