The elderly a valuable part of society


Seniors are worth saving and respecting and deserving of consideration. I am a senior in my early 70’s and notice that “younger” folks at times look at me and others in our age bracket with contempt. Susan’s article globalizes the way seniors and the disabled are treated with little or no respect. A good and informative read. – gc

Nan's Farm

19th March 2020 

“When the chips are down the true nature of humans comes to the fore, the nature of some, leaves much to be desired! – SueW! I couldn’t find a quote so wrote my own!

holding hands 2Today I’m linking my post to RDP’s Hold My Hand and as a second response to our Wednesday Challenge from Weekly Prompts.

This weekend the UK will see the official start of self-isolation for those who are vulnerable because of health problems and for the over 70’s. 

My youngest daughter Sophie suffers from Asthma, and due to several childhood and teenage bouts of pneumonia, she has lung damage. Needless to say, contracting the Coronavirus could be devastating, therefore she will self-isolate at home with her five-year-old daughter Evie. To protect her from further risk, her teenage sons will stay with their father Sophie’s ex-husband.

Don’t judge a book by its cover!

This morning the…

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  1. I gave the article the title of The Elderly Are WE Worth Saving because of the behaviour of some seniors towards Sophie. I should have re-named the article -Is Humanity Worth Saving? Because I think unpleasantness is not exclusive to a particular age group. The way many people are behaving right now is not acceptable in any society. Thank you for the re-blog, always appreciated.


    • The title you chose is the title you wanted. The world is in a topsy-turvy place right now and hopefully the world state of madness will end on a positive note and soon. 🙂

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