COVID 19 promotes infectious ideas



“Collective fear stimulates herd instinct, and tends to produce ferocity toward those who are not regarded as members of the herd.” ― Bertrand Russell, Unpopular Essays

E M P T Y  M A L L S  P R O M O T E   R A M P A N T  P A N I C

Can the dreaded and much feared COVID 19 Virus be the catalyst that will usher in the start of the much dreaded zombie apocalypse that was mentioned in the movie “The Night of The Living Dead”?

It seems that in the first few weeks of this life threatening disease the whole world has switched off its notions of morality, sense of play fair and common sense and reverted quite quickly to exhibiting their baser survival instincts.

Hordes of panic stricken shoppers are purchasing huge quantities of necessities that will ensure that their immediate survival needs and the needs of their family and loved ones will be met and to hell with the rest of us.

While Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau makes a public appeal to Canadians to not hoard up on many of life’s essentials President Trump is doing almost nothing to allay the fears of his countries citizens.

It is almost “unpatriotic” for Canadians to gobble up all the goodies for themselves and not share what there is with others was the grist of Trudeau’s message in a public announcement last night.

Does that mean that the dozens of folks who bared the many selves of frozen foods, toilet paper and other necessities were not staunch Canadians?

Safeway Canada announced this morning that seniors and other shoppers requiring assistance will be allowed a two hour early morning opportunity to get what they need and not have to  fight the crowds of younger more athletic shoppers.

It seems as this virus evolves its true target is our basic humanity and not merely the physical side of our being.

Trudeau in his address said we as Canadians should all  come together and consider our neighbors needs as well as our own. Sharing is caring. 

The sentiment behind his words is commendable but the reality of it all relates more to a Darwinian survival of the fittest as opposed to a mother Theresa christian approach of helping one’s fellow man.

Only time will tell if the people of the world will succumb to their fears and let their basic instinct for survival turn them into unthinking and uncaring zombies.

COVID 19 is definitely a disease of the mind promoting xenophobic fears, delusions and indifference to human life.

What the world needs now are leaders who will reassure them and allay their at times irrational fears.

Trudeau’s announcements and plans to deal with the virus is a good starting point for Canada.






    • Truth be told Trump is an offspring of the COVID 19 virus. Being a test tube baby they probably shared the same glass vial. For Trump it is spelt vile. 🙂


  1. What a brilliant article, Gerry. Unfortunately, the situation is happening here too and at the expense of single parents such as Sophie. She cannot afford to buy in bulk. She buys supplies as and when needed, but this week the shelves were bare. Victoria, bless her, spent an entire evening after working all day, touring around the city to find essential supplies for Sophie and Evie.

    My own cupboards are always well stocked, post war child and product of rationing etc so grew up with the instinct to never run out of anything and old habits die hard. I haven’t attempted to stock up. I have all I need.

    As for Trump, where do I begin – such a self-obsessed, selfish excuse for a leader would never encourage people to be anything other than Me Me Me.
    well done! 🙂

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    • Thank you Susan. I like you chose the word “touring” to find essentials. I live within three Safeway markets and had to nit pick what was left to purchase. I too was a post war baby but was taught to not hoard and buy ONLY what I needed. Money was tight for my parents and they did the best they could. The current virus has affected almost everyone’s sense of reality. They should create a vaccine for that DNA over sight.

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      • You are slightly nearer the war than me 😂 sorry love, but I did say only slightly nearer!

        I think because of the 14-year rationing in the UK, my mum was so frightened of running out of food that she taught me to always have one more in the store cupboard so that we never run out. I don’t remember this but apparently, they were only allowed one egg per week, which answers why when rationing stopped we ate Egg and chips every Tuesday night and egg and bacon for Sunday breakfast, this was before I became allergic to them. I never heard and I haven’t bought anything extra.

        The shelves are all empty here too. The supermarkets are opening the first hour tomorrow for over the 70s and the vulnerable. I won’t be going, but Sophie is, she will wear gloves and a scarf. 🙂


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