Playing chicken with a deadly virus




“Fear is contagious. Fortunately, so is courage. Learning to become fearless will touch everyone around you, and best of all, you’ll find it’s a gift that keeps on giving.”― Michelle Aguilar

S A Y  N O  T O  U N N E C E S S A R Y  E X P O S U R E

Are you feeling a little paranoid lately about going shopping, catching the latest movie at the local cinema or even having that necessary dental work performed because your instinct for self preservation and the fear of personal extinction has become a top priority in your life?

If you can answer a “yes” to this and other life-and-death related queries then you are quite normal and realize you have a moral obligation to protect yourself and family members and loved ones from imminent danger.

The Corona Virus (COVID -19) is the latest villain to enter the world ecology and it is feared more than disaster from a stray asteroid passing close to the planet’s orbit.

It makes sense that sane and normal people would try to avoid those “hot spots” that health officials warn are ideal venues for the spread of the disease. But the television pundits believe themselves to be above the laws of life and death and continue to televise audience related shows meant to generate income and profits for themselves.

Late night show comedians continue to poke fun at the way Trump’s inept administration continues to bungle the handling of the disease. I guess their adoring audiences view these entertainers as alpha males who continue to fearlessly continue their work despite increasing health warnings to avoid crowded areas. But these hosts are still human and can also contract the virus.

Day time talk show hosts and the ever popular game show contestant related television fare are equally guilty of luring their followers into a studio rife with potential deadly germs and contagion.

Do you think that “crowd mentality” is creating a type of safety zone in which these audience members feel safe from the threatening world outside?

Would you attend any of these venues if you received tickets to participate?

I think these television stars should try to protect their live audience members  from disaster and not worry too much about audience appeal and ratings.

The movie title “The Last Man Standing ” might be the epitaph for those game show idols who will play to an empty studio because all their followers have succumbed to this new viral calamity. 








  1. The late night, daytime and some game shows are now playing before no audiences, as studios have closed them to contain contact. Some TV hosts are even staying home to play it safe. Whatever it takes to stop this virus, or at least contain it…..

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  2. I’ve read about widespread panic in the US, but I’m unsure why so many people in feel they need to be tested, it is a waste of resources.

    It would be ridiculous to test everyone who has symptoms of cold/flu or a cough, because the usual cold/flu season is still with us. And of those who do contract the virus, the majority will not become too ill.

    Over here, we are instructed that if any of us have a cold and a temperature we should stay at home and self isolate for seven days. If after seven days our condition is worse or hasn’t improved we should seek medical help. No one should turn up at a hospital or the doctor’s office, help should be sought via the phone. Common sense prevails here.

    As you know, I had lunch in a hotel with a group of friends yesterday to celebrate our friend’s 70th. I made the decision that this will be my last social occasion for some time.

    My children have said that when they visit they will wash their hands for the full 20 seconds, will no longer kiss and hug me and will keep a few metres distance when they visit. Each of them has offered to do the shopping.

    That said, I am happy to shop online.

    I don’t think they are over-reacting, they are attempting to protect me because colds and flu always go to my chest.

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    • Great post, Gerry, thank you.

      I don’t think it’s paranoid but sensible to work out ways to protect ourselves from the COVID-19. My husband and I are both in our eighties, and he has underlying health issues. With the support of my lovely children and adult grandchildren, we have decided to self-isolate as much as we can. It seems an optimistic and sensible course of action.

      We both have hobbies that will now get more time. There’s a lovely park nearby, so we can exercise and not go stir crazy. All seems very good in our lives.

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      • Thank you Maureen for the positive feedback. You have a proactive plan of self isolation and have your hobbies and things to occupy your time. Good for you both. I need to shop for groceries and will try to trim down the amount of exposure I will have for the duration. Good luck to you both.

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      • Maureen, Over here The vulnerable and over 70s have been told to self-isolate from this weekend, with instructions not to go out into the community, we must stay at home. This also includes my daughter Sophie, she has Asthma and has had several bouts of pneumonia. Son Joss, a teacher is expecting schools to be closed very soon. Look after yourselves, Maureen I hope you and John stay well.


        • I wonder if in the United States the over seventy campaigners will leave the COVID 19 trail and either resign from the presidential race or find new electronic ways to spread their messages to voters? Just a thought. 🙂

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          • Well Gerry, those two definitely fall into the elderly and vulnerable category and your right, it’s time for them to take up electronic methods to get their messages across.
            I can not understand why the only candidates to get Trump out are two more old men! Where are the younger competitors? Makes no sense!


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