Plagiarism or something else? Pt 1




“And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places.”― Roald Dahl

Over the years we all have had cause to complain to the Word Press administrators that our editorial content has been plagiarized by a fellow blogger and probably asked them to assist us with this issue. 

The question that partner Susan and myself is asking here is: what if there is more to it than mere plagiarism? What if foreign nationals are encrypting our innocent blog articles and turning them into envoys of espionage destined to be read ONLY by an audience given an encryption key?

Encryption is a way of scrambling data so that only authorized parties can understand the information. In technical terms, it is the process of converting plaintext to ciphertext.

In simpler terms, encryption takes readable data and alters it so that it appears random. Encryption requires the use of an encryption key: a set of mathematical values that both the sender and the recipient of an encrypted message know.

In essence an innocuous article’s copy about an apothecary in a small town in England could be transformed into a double layered message containing more valuable information to anyone with the necessary electronic key.

It turns out that Go Daddy ( based in the United States) is simply the registrar of the questionable site name. Go Daddy does not host the site and just like Word Press has “no jurisdiction ” over its content.

Susan discovered that the broadband provider is the Hong Kong Broadband Network. With a lot more investigation she discovered that and it turns out the network is Hong Kong based and owned by Hong Kong Television.

Using the IP address  she attempted to gain more information from it, but unfortunately drew a blank.

We even spent time going through the IP addresses of those that have communicated with us in the hope we might spot the address. Still no luck with that endeavor.

The crux of the matter is this: the site in question is puzzling. It is difficult to the  figure out the point of this site. Is it a front for something else? There is no Home Page, No Likes section, not even any slight information about the owner.

Neither is there any introduction or explanation about the site. And when you Click to read Previous Comments you are directed away from the site to a separate News site. So, why would you copy all those posts if it wasn’t to have feed back.

These are a few of the puzzling questions being pondered here. I do not know how many more parts to this series will involve but more information and details will be published as they are uncovered.

In the meantime feel free to give us your opinion on this controversial topic. It is an election year in the United States and such clandestine activity should be noted on and acted upon.

This could also be a false alarm and no one really wants to shout fire for no reason.

As the expression goes: See something. Say something. 



  1. Unless you are a hermit in an unknown cave with no electronic devices whatsoever, your information is on display all over the place at all times. No amount of secret modes, etc are really useful. If I write emails about apples to my sister, for instance, text or blog or tweet, instagram, etc, I am deluged with apple business. There’s no filters. The most irritating is the ads that infiltrate all, even with various ad blockers. Maybe using a computer is different. If I am in a car my grandsons driving, if we park in a lot with any businesses, I am forever being bugged by them, even though I never went near them. This is taking big brother too far.

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    • Al of our information is on display in this “electronic” environment. It is the content presented that should not be used as a cover for things that are clandestine. A wolf in sheep’s clothing only touches the surface of today’s world.


    • PS. Cheryl, it might be worth while getting someone to check your location settings on your phone/iPad, especially if businesses are aware that you’re close by. Modern phones eh!


  2. Gerry–I don’t like to throw my hand up in the air, but this is mind-boggling. I guess I was a bit dumbstruck when I first read Sue’s post about this. What is the reason for people doing this? What do they gain from it? Why can we not just all get along? I am looking for a utopia…..not gonna happen. Thanks to you and Sue for keeping us all enlightened. It’s creepy and scary, but we need to know it’s out there.

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