Do cashiers have right to sit on job?



“My very first job was a cashier at Burger King in Tucson, Arizona. And I occasionally worked the drive-thru. Id go wherever I was needed! My second job was at Dairy Queen. I stayed in the fast food royalty.”  – Kate Walsh

This Saturday’s weekend challenge word on partner Susan and my site was LEAP.

With that word in mind let’s not LEAP to conclusions about Safeway cashiers in California who have won the right to site down at their till and cashier out customers.

One cashier in Edmonton recently injured her leg and wished that she could be able to sit down on the job to serve customers. Another nearby teller said that she believed that cashiers in Britain are able to sit at their checkout stations. I refer this “fact” to my partner Susan to clarify.

The cashier with the injured leg told me she needs to stand at her till for a five hour shift. She is a dedicated employee with years of serice with the company.

She showed me her left leg and it was black and blue from ankle to knee cap. She had been to the doctor’s office and he had given her pain killers. She needs her job and taking time off is out of the question for her. 

At first I thought her notion was absurd. Supermarket cashiers have always as far as I knew stood patiently at their posts waiting for the next customer to arrive.

After viewing the above video I am now changing my position and accepting the notion that cashiers should be allowed to sit down at their checkout stations.

Will customers have to bag their own groceries while a trained cashier merely sits there and watches them do so?

Will check out lines get even longer as cashiers adjust to this novel service notion?

It will definitely be a leap of faith for Safeway management at other outlets to provide their cashiers with the requested seat in order to do their job. 

Do you think that cashiers have the right to demand seating arrangements to do their work?

If you are a suermarket cashier would you opt to use a seat?

Make that leap of faith and tell is how you feel about this issue.


Weekend Challenge ‘Leap’




  1. The information is correct. All cashiers sit down. I would imagine that health and safety regs require this and of course, the Trade unions. Each customer is asked if they need help with their packing. Not many accept assistance, it’s far quicker to pack your own bags as the cashier scans. Hope that clarifies 🙂

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  2. That company didn’t want to accommodate and paid the price. We are such a litigious society…. But having worked as a grocery store cashier (first job) and worked in risk management (last job), the store should have tried to work with their employee. That employee wanted to work; she just wanted a little help. Here in FL, we have cashiers and baggers (two separate jobs). The cashier can keep ringing up and taking money while to bagger gets everything in the bags and into the shoppers cart.
    What scares me, though, is the teller who is on pain meds and wants to work. If I were that bank, I would request a note from the doctor stating either she can or cannot work while taking her medication.
    That’s my two cents worth, Gerry.

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    • Your two cents worth is worth a million dollars. I think the cashiering part of grocery buying needs both a cashier and the person who bags for the customer. In the “old days” I was a bagger and enjoyed the job.

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  3. Definitely. When I was suffering with a knee that ended up being replaced, I had a cashiers job, one I actually enjoyed, btw, and management let me have a stool to sit on. I did have to stand when filling bags, but the stool saved me.

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  4. I think they should be able to sit down if they want or need to. 🙂
    In most stores, we have cashiers and “baggers”…two different people. The baggers get to move around a lot. The cashiers stand in one spot. I imagine that can make your feet hurt after awhile.
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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    • Their feet do hurt after a short while of inactivity. When I was going to university I worked part time as a “bagger” and did move around more than the cashier. Siting down on the job for them should be an essential part of the job description. Thank you for your comment. 🙂

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  5. I can’t believe they didn’t have seats. They all have seats in France.. And they do not pack your bags. pure laziness.. pack your own bags.. If it’s really busy and I’m on a till, I like to stand.. 😉


    • I think a puritanical word ethic pervades the American work force to the point that sitting down on the job for whatever reason is a public sign of slothfulness no matter what the cause.


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