Getting Shirty and to the point!



T-shirt humor is often short, sweet and to the point. Stand up comedians us this type of “one-two” punch at reality to knock the cobwebs from our perception of things. Partner Susan offers her female take on the topic. Any opinions ladies?

Nan's Farm-Inside Out

26th February 2020 Wednesday Challenge T-Shirt Wisdom

To understand bad taste one must first have very good taste” ~ John Waters.

The midweek challenge over on partner GC and my site Weekly Promptsis T-Shirt Wisdom.
Gerry has been taking a peek at the humour found on T-Shirts and he proposes that we join him and share a witty T-Shirt slogan or two; as an alternative, he suggests we create our own.

I think my T-Shirt Wisdom responses are incredibly wise, not to mention typically feminine!

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