A problem of ignorance?



Labelling someone or something as the cause celebre of all the modern day troubles that afflict the world is the lazy man/woman’s way to pass the buck for someone else to resolve. In this informative article Susan states her case well not only against racial labelling but about familial issues that are close to her as well. A very good read.

Nan's Farm

It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognize, accept, and celebrate those differences.” ~ Audre Lorde

17th February 2020 Weekend Challenge Celebration FOWC History  RDP Evanescent

Chinese new yearThis is my second response to GC and my Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge Celebration.

Chinese New Year 25th January – Normally this is an important celebratory occasion for my Chinese family. This year, even though (at the time) there were no reported cases of the Corona Virus in Britain, the family made the decision to stay at home and celebrate low key with my son-in-law’s family.

Daughter Louisa explained that because of the high numbers of Chinese families that had already travelled here to the U.K. to visit relatives, and with her inlaws already in poor health, they were reluctant to celebrate with others from the Chinese community.

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  1. Thank you for the re-blog.

    What I’ve noticed in some of the replies on my blog is that many people appear to believe that media hype is building the virus up to be more dangerous than it is.

    I’ve not seen any media hype, I’ve listened to the BBC news reporting the facts and I’ve followed the UK health department information.

    We’re told flu kills more people, that may be so, but this is a new virus strain and it’s still early days and as far as I can see the medical profession is taking the virus very seriously.

    The NHS sent all UK adults a list of countries to avoid and stated we must put ourselves in quarantine if we have recently returned from them. My doctors surgery texted all patients information and asked that we do not visit the surgery if we have symptoms, instead they issued a new telephone number. They don’t do this for the flu!

    The fact remains that we must take precautions against the virus or our overstretched medical profession and the overfilled hospitals will not be able to cope.

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