Store customers critical of changes




“When we get impatient because something is taking too long, we should remember that Life waits on us a thousand times more than we wait on Life.”― Laura Teresa Marquez

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U P D A T E S  C R E A T E  S O M E  C U S T O M ER  A N I M O S I T Y


Many folks are happy to keep things the way they are and fight any idea of change or the potential benefits that change can bring. This is a presentation of one super market’s attempt to not only upgrade their store’s capability and capacity but also serve their customers better.

This past week’s Wednesday Challenge on Susan and my alternate site , WEEKLY PROMPTS, was INCONVENIENCE STORES. The words do not refer to the ineptness of store staffers to  serve their customers but concerns itself more with the way in which customers view the changes as a personal affront on their shopping time spent in the store.

One medium sized Safeway Canada market made the decision to remodel the interior of its aging store and warned its customers in advance that remodeling changes were coming and that it would be a difficult transition time for both store staff and customers.

New shelving material was positioned throughout store and a few departments were either temporarily relocated in the store or offered a new and more customer friendly location.

A number of bakery department staff were relocated to another nearby Safeway outlet  except for the department supervisor Allan Meneer and a few of his staff remained on site to perform shelving duties. 

The relocated bakery staff members share kitchen facilities with another outlet’s baking staff. Working in somewhat cramped quarters Meneer’s staff continue to handle special orders and requests offsite.

As the photos above indicate this is a time of tension, transition and chaos. A number of loyal store customers reportedly told store employees that they will not return to shop no matter how well the interior of the store is modernized.

 A number of cash back incentives were offered to reward loyal customers for their continued support. Five dollar cash back coupons were offered during the first few weeks of the renovation when fifty dollars was spent in the store and there are still significant price reductions offered throughout the store.

While many customers grumble and fuss about the chaos and confusion the relocated items present to shoppers it should also be noted that store staffers ( those men and women who are forced to work in the cramped departments of the store ) are going out of their way to help shoppers find the items they are searching for due to the revised store locations.

During this chaotic time a degree of customer patience and acceptance of the fact that change is necessary will help to soothe bruised egos.

In a second report I will present further photos of the modernized floor spacing and the way in which customers will reap the rewards of the modernization.

These growing pain spurts are a necessary part of modern business practices. In the long run customers will be the winners. It is merely a matter of being patient until the updates are completed. 





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