Do you occasionally spit or swallow?



“It’s not bad to cough. But cover your mouth when coughing. It’s not bad to complain. But cover your mouth when complaining, else you’ll spread infections of complains on us!”― Israelmore Ayivor

T H E  T W E L V E  S H A D E S  O F  P H LE G M

Cough. Cough. Cough. Spit.

Cough. Cough. Cough. Swallow.

On partner Susan and my alternate site, Weekly Prompts, the word prompt was BOOSTER VACCINES. I chose this topic because I am over 70 years old and had just begun my bout with a flu virus and realized that many seniors have not kept their booster shots up to date. 

I did not realize how important an adult’s booster shots were for good health until I walked into an Alberta Retina Consultants facility and was exposed to a virus that not only rattled my physical health but also caused me to be labelled “contagious” by one of the doctor’s I consulted.

On the morning of December 19th I was in fine spirits and good health. Two days later I was afflicted with a modified version  of an adult sized whooping cough that had me literally “barking” on a strenuous 24/7 basis.

As I visited a few doctor’s offices to try to remedy my nerve wracking condition I noticed that many people in my age bracket ( the over 60 age set) were also coughing and stifling coughs similar to my own. Many of these afflicted folks sat quietly in their seats and bravely tried to suppress their nagging coughs.

Cough expectorants. Could suppressants. Cough medicines laden with health endangering opioid additives were some of the options I was offered in my search for physical relief from my condition.

In my morbid and fatigued mental and physical state I then began to wonder how many patients “hack and spit” their loosened phlegm and how many such troubled individuals quietly swallow the loosened material .

The end result of both endeavors is the same: the phlegm is expelled from the body via a quick cough and hack or the more dignified swallow technique that engages a person’s digestive tract into the situation.

As gross and unbecoming as it may seem I employ the hack and eject method. I guess this is a male thing. I do not think that too many females suffering the ill effects of this cough would actually employ this drastic measure of relief.

It has been over three weeks and my coughing spasms and bouts are becoming less vigorous and more manageable. I think I have found the proper medical regimen to help me beat this relentless coughing.

My family physician refuses to prescribe me antibiotics insisting that a natural method of drinking gallons of tea and honey, going heavy on the vitamin C  (2000 mg)and Vitamin D regimen (3000 mg)  and getting lots of bed rest are important to my recovery. 

On the surface this does sound like sound advice until you realize that the constant coughing and chortling and gasping for breaths of air make getting that good night’s rest literally and physically impossible.

I do plan to update a number of my booster vaccines and hope that by being proactive I will be able to stave off this type of torture in the future.

How would you handle this situation? 

As always your comments, questions and concerns are welcomed. 

Take care. Be safe out there. 

Good health to one and all.



Word/Photo Challenge ‘Booster Vaccines’










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