The case of the forgotten Xmas tree



“The Christmas tree is a symbol of love, not money. There’s a kind of glory to them when they’re all lit up that exceeds anything all the money in the world could buy.”

For this week’s photo prompt on Susan and my alternate site , Weekly Prompts, she has chosen the phrase THE TREE.

Not all Christmas trees are created equal and even the Christmas tree that Charlie Brown chose to celebrate this special day with was given more care, attention and celebrity than the one that now graces the front inner entrance of this popular Canada Safeway food store.

The tree has become a drifter, a vagabond if you will and every few weeks it has been relocated to a less not more prominent location in the outlet. The reason for this constant relocation is not commercial rather physical: the store is being renovated and work crews need access to their work area.

The tree made its first appearance in the store in late November and was near the cookies, breads and other treats in the bakery department. It lasted there for roughly ten days and then was relocated to a highly visible spot at the front entrance to the store.

However it should be mentioned, as this photograph illustrates it was nestled conveniently between the Rug Doctor stand and a rack promoting Auto Trader magazine and a Real Estate rental pamphlet.

A large sign now obscures the tree from site . The sign is asking people to be generous and give to the Food Bank drive now in full swing until Christmas Day.

There was plenty of floor space there so that the sign and the tree could co exist peacefully but the final decision in this matter rests with management.

A much frequented and equally visible spot near the delicatessen section could have been chosen but someway, somehow the holiday Grinch is dimming the lights of this lovely tree.

Hopefully the next stop for this tree will not be the garbage dumpster.

But who knows?

Some folks look forward to December 26th so that they can pack away their Christmas cheer for another eleven months and 25 days.

Ho! Ho! Ho!


The Tree






    • I went to the store last night after supper and another sign promoting a hockey sweater and tickets to a game were blocking the tree. OH well it is only Christmas.


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