They were red faced from the cold




“After a strenuous day of moving and unpacking have you ever really thought about throwing stuff away?”  – Anon.

This week’s Photo Challenge on Susan and my alternate site, Weekly Prompts, was Flamboyant Red( an appropriate color for the upcoming holiday season).

I have no photo fitting this challenge but I do have a humorous anecdote to relate about my neighbors who literally take the cake for their novel and humorous way of vacating their suite.

The end of the month is the time when renters vacate their suite and move to new accommodations. The usual way is to call a moving company or arrange to have friends help you move to your new digs.

My neighbors informed me yesterday afternoon that they would be moving out and that today (Saturday) would be their last day in the suite.

The two guys who came to my door were body builders and built like brick walls. These were the same neighbors who converted their living room into a make shift workout studio.

I would not want to owe them any money because it would not be good for me to welsh on a deal with them. But they were amiable when they knocked on my door.

I cordially shook their hands, wished them the best and then closed the suite to my door sighing audibly. I thought that was the end of that.

A few moments later I looked out my patio door and noticed that large bags of personal items were being lowered down from their fourth floor balcony suite via a sturdy block and tackle arrangement.

I counted eighteen fully loaded huge green garbage bags lowered during the next three hours. Also included were the following: four folding card tables; four lamps; for bar bells and other weight training equipment and of course a heavy book case.

I did not notice any dresser drawers or beds lowered by the block and tackle method but after a while got curious as to how long this move out was going to take to complete.

Never experienced that type of move before but did notice that three brown leather couches and a few arm chairs were carried down the four flights of stairs.

I was leaving the building and one of the tenants asked me if he could use my parking spot for the move. “This would make the job easier” he told me in a jovial manner.

Not wanting to upset this guy I took a deep breath and said “sure…..go right ahead…let me know when you are finished “.

Five hours later I moved my car from the street back to my designated spot.

I guess he forgot to inform me that he and his associates were finished with their move.

I suppose the guy was worried that I would call the police and report that a possible burglary was in progress.  The heads up cleared him of any wrong doing or unintended misunderstanding.

I am sure he is the type of guy who does not get red faced or embarrassed easily but I did notice that their faces glowed a flamboyant red from the biting winter cold outside.

It is easy to appreciate why these guys were moving out this way: four flights of challenging steps is a long haul for anyone to undertake weight lifter or not.

Now I know why Santa Claus uses reindeer and a sleigh to get the job done on Christmas Eve.


Photo Challenge Flamboyant Red






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