Dressing in street not the norm.

“Oddity, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. What one person rejects as lunacy, another reveres as truth.”― Philip Gulley

C O U L D N ‘ T  F I N D  A  H O W A R D  J O H N S O N ?

Last Saturday’s photo prompt on Susan and my alternate site, Weekly Prompts, was NOT THE NORM.

In her article Susan wrote that an “oddity is something you don’t come across every day.” She offered a few examples of oddities in her blog article.

While I was rummaging through my photos from the past summer I ran across this photo of a man changing his clothes in broad daylight on a private roadway that led to a senior citizen village. 

How often do you come across that in your daily routine?

I can speculate and guess that he had been on the road travelling for a long time, couldn’t find a motel in the area and improvised a solution to his dilemma.

Unfortunately he parked near a rental property across from a grade school. Although no one complained about his actions he does get an “E” for effort.

For some folks any port in a storm will do!


Photo Challenge Not the Norm!



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