Being slovenly will cost you money



“Cleaning anything involves making something else dirty, but anything can get dirty without something else getting clean.” —Laurence J. Peter

I T ‘ S  N O  S T A I R W A Y  T O  H E A V E N 

The Wednesday word Prompt on Susan and my alternate site, Weekly Prompts, is CONSIDERATENESS.

The main thrust of the story  involves slovenly neighbors ( two individuals on the fourth floor) who bring their work home with them in an offensive and hazardous fashion. Their work boots transport a goodly portion of their job site up the stairs to their flats.

They both are construction workers and even before the first snowfall their boots left a trail of mud, small rocks and  other debris up four flights of stairs to their respective suites.

They double or triple tapped and cleaned their boots on the steps as this photo indicates. The stairs have rubber coverings while the landings themselves are matted and this highlighted the muddied situation.

One day in particular they left a trail of rocks so thick that walking down the stairs with a laundry basket became hazardous. The person suffering the most from their offensive behavior was the house cleaner for the building who had to clean up the mess.He did this three times per week.

The background and the results are posted on the Weekly Prompts blog site.

This story does have a somewhat happy ending but I won’t give that away here. Check out the site and read more stories on the topic. 

The link to this site is listed below.


Word Prompt Considerateness



  1. Not mentioned is the debris sticking to your own footwear and inevitably trailing it into your own apartments, I would be furious at this.

    If removing their work boots when they enter the building is too much trouble perhaps they should show a little concern for others and slip on those blue shoe covers. I keep a few in my porch for those visitors who on rainy days are reluctant to remove their shoes. Maybe I’m too fussy!


    • I agree with you about the foot covers. BUT ( and I put that in capital letters) they do not seem to care. The rent here is not cheap so they figure since they pay good money to live here they can do whatever the hell want. BUT their neighbors also pay good money to live here and WE do not appreciate the fact that their actions make the place look like a ramshackle hovel.

      On the other hand the resident manageress it appears wants to keep her job and does not want to create unnecessary negative waves. She it appears is more than willing to throw the housekeeper under the bus if he does not do his job but does not use this hard line approach against neighbors who flagrantly flaunt the rules of cleanliness.

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