Plagiarizing not really flattering



“A wise man will always allow a fool to rob him of ideas without yelling “Thief.”If he is wise he has not been impoverished. The thief flatters us by stealing. We flatter him by complaining.” ― Ben Hecht.

This week’s Word Prompt on partner Susan ansd my alternate site Weekly Prompts is FAIR DINKUM.

It is an Australian /New Zealand term used to emphasize that behavior complies with accepted standards. In this instance cutting and pasting an original post and claiming it as your own property is clearly not fair dinkum in any sense of the word.

Is there a substantive difference between a butcher carving up a slab of meat and a plagiarist who is audacious enough to cut-and-paste one person’s intellectual property ( in this instance a blog article) and pass it off as their own?

In this analogy the butcher is doing his job and preparing the meat for marketability and sale. The plagiarist is literally butchering another’s thoughts and ideas and hoping to enhance their own skill and talents as a writer and thinker.

In truth our egos are stroked when a fellow blogger wants to re post our offering on their blog site. Our natural inclination is to welcome the invitation, thank the person for his/her consideration .

But there are those who use this ready acceptance as a loophole to advance their own causes and this is what this article is trying to prevent. 

We work hard to present creative offerings for our blog and should not have to fret over the fact that our long hours of intellectual struggle will be subverted by a fellow blogger taking full advantage of our trust and at times naivete. 


Word Prompt Fair Dinkum


  1. I love the analogy! And I do agree with you; we are flattered when someone re-blogs our work and it’s not until we look a little closer that we realise what has actually happened.

    Copying and pasting in order to produce an article of their own is definitely not a re-blog, and it’s very bad form!
    Well done for bringing this to everyone else’s attention. 🙂


  2. I may be being a bit touchy, but I’m going to comment exactly what I wrote on Sue’s blog about this subject:

    I’m not trying to be argumentative, but really? I routinely copy and paste and I GIVE FULL CREDIT TO THE BLOGGER who created the blog post originally. I refer people to THAT blog, not to mine. It’s a way of sharing something I may find interesting with other bloggers in my particular sphere. Plagiarism is (how I define it anyway) hefting huge chunks or the entire blog post without mention of the author nor credit to that author. Recently (this past summer) a site took whole blogs (somehow hijacked the entire content and all posts) and referenced them on the site. Didn’t ask first. Didn’t credit the blogger responsible. They got shut down for their trouble. If someone has bad manners, speak up and report ’em.

    If I’ve ever had bad ‘netiquette’ manners with regard to your or GC’s blogs, let me know. I’ll take those posts down and believe me I won’t do it again.

    By the way I planned to feature this concept as a question in next week’s Share Your World. I’ll give full credit and I promise not to use ANY of your content at all, just a reference to your posts today. If that’s not cool, again, let me know.


  3. I do the same as Melanie and also link back to that person’s blog.especiallly with recipes we all love to share around…But out and out passing off as your own is a no-no as you rightly point out…Thank you for the follow 🙂


    • Thank you for the confirmation of the plagiarism . Very welcome for the following. It is an informative site with many recipes and articles. Enjoy the day. 🙂


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