Book covers arouse reader curiosity



“She might not have read many books. But when she reads a book, she swallows the very words. If you open the books on her shelves, you will find that the front and back covers encase white pages.”― Kamand Kojouri

A B A N D O N E D  T E D D Y  B E A R  I N  B O O T S

This week’s photo challenge on Susan and my alternate site Weekly Prompts is COVER.

Book publishers and graphic artists know that a picture is worth a thousand words. Cover photos and illustrations are meant to capture attention and in a small sense visually entice a potential reader to not only pick up a book but also browse the inside flaps to get a rough idea of what the printed pages between the sheets contains.

I think that family photo albums are also meticulously arranged so that the turning of each and every page will present a new and enlightening chapter into the changing family dynamics over time that we all experience.

In the cover photo above I found an abandoned pair of fleece lined winter boots and with a second glance noticed that there was a mini teddy pair carefully nestled inside. This was no “Puss in Boots” discovery but it does offer a writer a creative interpretation as to the history of the lost items.

The boots could have belonged to a now retired writer who remembers his own childhood and reflects upon the time he ran away from home when a familial difference  of opinion had him confined to his room without supper. He stealthily left his room via a bedroom window and with his favorite teddy bear in hand he meandered around his neighborhood running into a few school friends who were also confined to their rooms. And so a tale begins.

The story could also be about a young father ( a military brat without siblings) whose frequent uprooting from one military base to another kept him in a personal limbo and without friends to confide in.  His only friend and confidant was his mini teddy bear which he kept in his back pack even when he went to school. He is writing a story for his own children about his travels and experiences.

The possibilities are endless and only limited by a person’s imagination.

In many cases there is the question of which came first the chicken (cover) or the egg ( story line)?

We all have our own stories to convey and a cover photo helps us focus our creative energies on what we want to write about.


Photo Challenge Cover


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