The case of the perfect “P”



This is another fun read from my talented partner Susan. While not necessarily a Robert Frost type of poet she does remind me of the type of work offered by Chaucer in the Canterbury Tales. “P” is for perfect in this instance. 🙂

Nan's Farm-Inside Out

“Forgive me my nonsense, as I also forgive the nonsense of those that think they talk sense.” ~ Robert Frost.

Over on Weekly Prompts, the site I share with my partner GC, the Saturday photo Challenge is COVER

We ask our readers to choose an appropriate photo to use as a book cover; as usual, our challenge is flexible, therefore, the response from Nan’s Farm is a little off-kilter!

As I lay in my bed, thoughts danced in my head – try your hand at rhyme they said, why not, you have plenty of time – come on, how difficult can it be, just try it and then you’ll see! 

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  1. Gerry, thank you so much for the re-blog, and thank you for your very kind introduction.
    Just as soon as I went down this route I began to struggle. You knew that, therefore your lovely comments mean a lot. Thank you for always being in my corner. xx🙂

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