Looking for a guiding light at W.P.



Sometimes it is tough to “follow” the advice the gurus at Word Press offer bloggers who need immediate assistance or perhaps enlightenment. This article may apply to you. Read on.

....on pets and prisoners.....

let’s party!


Let’s get festive on this rainy Saturday in sunny Florida.

No. Instead let’s see if we can solve my problem as the Happiness Engineers seem to have taken the day off today.

Yesterday I wrote that WP wanted me to log in for every comment I made. Again and again, ad nauseum. My buddy Dan suggested that my problem started the same day as the Windows update. Aha! A starting point. But today I think I have narrowed down the problem. In Reader, it shows everyone I am following. When I receive your posts through email, which is how I read them, the awful little ‘follow’ button appears in the bottom right corner. I click it to ‘follow’ you (even though Reader says I already am), but as soon as I move the curser, you are unfollowed. And I must jump through hoops to comment. And clicking…

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  1. Several bloggers are experiencing glitches with WP this week. Must be something in the water or air…

    Anyway one suggestion for getting WordPress to stop asking you to log in over and over and over is to make sure your cache is cleared (on Chrome) if that’s the browser you use. Those instructions came from the lips of a Happiness Engineer by the way.

    Contact WP if you use a different browser or use your phone with WP. Some kind of mess with phones..which I don’t understand fully, and since I don’t use my phone, it’s moot anyway.

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  2. I did this with Lois the other day, kind of overdid it!

    There seem to have been a lot of security updates lately on a lot of platforms.

    You know, as far back as I can remember security updates have caused havoc. Apple is responsible for some of my recent errors so does the blame lie with solely with WP? I’m keeping an Open mind, well, until I have problems and then I’ll kick off! 😀

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