Families cash in on bottle bounty



“If you want grown-ups to recycle, just tell their kids the importance of recycling, and they’ll be all over it.” — Bill Nye

P R O F I T A B L E   O P P O R T U N I T I E S

This week’s Photo Challenge on Susan and my alternate site WEEKLY PROMPTS is BOTTLES.

A few years ago when I initially started following the bottle collection activity homeless people seemed to be the only ones loading up shopping carts with the many bottles they had painstakingly rescued from commercial trash bins on rental property sites.

They tended to work either solo or with a partner who I imagined would share in the profits at the end of their bottle gathering day. Their day was flexible and a number of collection teams were out and about during the daylight hours.

I have recently noticed that this activity has gone up a notch and family members are now cashing in their own bottle stash at local bottle return depots. The bottles are no longer causally tossed in the trash bin.

Family members have apparently adopted  the mind set of not only recycling the bottles they use but also taking full advantage of the bottle bounty paid for each bottle brought into the return depot.

I am sure one day I will see convoys of shopping carts headed in to the bottle return depot to not only clean up the ecology but also make some money as a result of their efforts.

Who  really knows where this trend will eventually lead?

Photo Challenge Bottles


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