Bronze enhances life’s vividness



“Sculpture may be almost anything: a monument, a statue, an old coin, a bas-relief, a portrait bust, a lifelong struggle against heavy odds.”Malvina Hoffman

October’s color photo challenge on Susan and my alternate site Weekly Prompts is BRAZENLY BRONZE.

Bronze is an earthy, dynamic, vivid, sexual and exciting color that many sculptors prefer to use when they have a specific theme they wish to convey to their viewing audiences.

Painters strive for color and tones and balance. Photographers try to visually ensnare their viewers into the moment captured in the photo. Plaster of Paris and porcelain have their followers and devotees .

A bronze sculpture magically captures a viewer’s attention and transport them into an alternate reality filled with life, possibility and an appreciation of life’s struggles and successes.

The sculpture in the above photo is dedicated to the struggle that pioneers in the oil exploration industry had to face when drilling for oil in a non technological era. The sinewy nature of the human forms pitted against the cold and unyielding rigidness of the devices they used are conveyed well in the figures.

Art usually imitates life is the expression. In this instance it seems that the artist has effectively displayed the struggle of men working against the odds.


Photo Challenge Brazenly Bronze


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