Roadside repairs partially completed




“You could start at a path leading nowhere more fantastic than from your own front steps to the sidewalk, and from there you could go… well, anywhere at all.”― Stephen King

This week’s word prompt on Susan and my alternate site Weekly Prompts was SERVICE CENTERS. While the prompt did specifically solicit input for those centers that cater to our personal matters I felt that the biggest service center of all that often goes unnoticed is city hall.

“You can’t fight city hall” is the most common battle cry to arms for those individuals and interest groups that rally against that public institution whenever those elected officials fail to provide the service or quick response that voters have been demanding.

This year’s harping point involves the many deep holes that contracted repair workers started drilling at the start of June. In a previous article published in August  “Covered sites close to being disasters” I wrote of the deep holes near city sidewalks that posed threats to children and unwary pedestrians who might stumble and fall in them

This past Wednesday work crews about the city began the arduous task of filling in the holes. The job (illustrated in the photos above) was a welcomed site for residents who questioned city hall officials about its completion.

Work crews carefully and skillfully navigated their equipment around parked cars and did refill the holes which at the time of their excavation in early June had a piece of lumber placed on top of them with the words “DANGER DEEP HOLES” painted on the boards to warn pedestrians of the dangers.

Pneumatic hammers pounded the freshly placed earth into the ground. By day’s end the work crews replaced the red flags and warning ribbons and long poles marking the danger spots. It was a job almost well done.

In this continuing safety saga only time and the approach of the colder winter weather will determine how much more improvement will be carried out on the city wide eyesores.

Many residents sighs of relief were short lived when they discovered that the obstructions still dotted their neighborhood  lawns and sidewalks.

This was the site this morning on many city streets after the work crews left. Many areas of the city experienced this temporary cosmetic update. The future plans for the area is unknown as is the reason for having dug the holes in the first place.

Apparently voter appeasement and constant grumbling forced city fathers to loosen the purse strings and offer a trickle of financial backing to the effort.

This is an election year after all your honors. 



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