A humorous swipe at nature’s best



“A guy walks into the doctor’s office. A banana stuck in one of his ears, an onion in the other ear, and a carrot stuck in one nostril. The man says, “Doc, this is terrible. What’s wrong with me?” The doctor says, “Well, first of all, you need to eat more sensibly.” 🙂



This weekend’s photo challenge on Susan and my alternate site Weekly Prompts is the word GRIN. 🙂

Have you ever noticed that many veggies such as the lowly onion have been given a rather antisocial label and automatically brings a few tears to your eyes whenever you around it.

This is my totally irreverent look at many of the fruits and vegetables that fill many of the display cases in your local market, green grocery shop or outdoor fruit stand.

It is tough these days to grin but I hope this article will put a smile on your face the next time you visit your local market to “just browse” and put a grin of appreciation on your face. Enjoy. 


Photo Challenge Grin


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