Little wiggle room up here for error

Toeing the line




“Toes will always be at the end of your feet, but at the start of your journey.” Anthony T.Hincks

T H I N K  H I S  L E G S  L O C K E D ?

This week’s Saturday photo challenge on my partner Susan and my alternate site, WEEKLY PROMPTS, is the hyphenated word LINE-UP.

Many things in life tend to line up naturally. The ten toes on your feet, shoes and boots safely tucked away in a hall closet and birds sitting on top of a telephone wire patiently waiting for some food scraps to be deposited in their immediate area.

For my photo entry I chose to line up three photos of roofers depending on their life line to not fall off a roof while at the same time working proficiently and somewhat industriously.

The person sitting down appears to be a rookie roofer who has not quite gotten his sense of balance and probably reading a magazine article as to the importance of using his safety harness.

It appeared that he is digging his toes into the roofing material in the hopes that he will get the sense of balance he is sorely lacking.

By the end of this work day he did get his sense of stability and eagerly climbed down the ladder to touch base again with good old Terra Firma. 


Photo Challenge Line-Up



    • They were lucky on this job site that day. It was a three story walkup , a sunny day and little or no wind. They were securely harnessed. It looked to me as if the one worker sitting down had sprained his leg or else his ankles had locked. I yelled up to see if they were alright. They both gave me the thumps up sign.

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