The Final Judgement

You be the judge

This blog article is a cautionary tale to all those folks who visit a blog, want to provide a comment but are unable to but instead are asked to provide their name, email address and web site address.

Many times I think “fellow” bloggers are scammers who are fishing for names and email address to farm out to other like minded individuals for profit. Beware. Take care. Don’t go there.

Nan's Farm-Inside Out

A Judgement 2“As the future is never known with certainty, the evaluation of prospective benefits requires the formation of expectations.” ~  Dale T Mortensen 

The Midweek Word Prompt over on Weekly Prompts, the site I share with my partner GC is Evaluate.

Evaluate – Assess, Appraise, Make a judgement, Formulate an idea, Estimate the value, Determine the significance, Consider the importance.

GC spoke about how often we are asked to evaluate those who serve us, and where many times we are asked to visit a Website and evaluate an individual’s performance, with some blatantly asking for the top rating – 10 being high!

Mostly, I’ve been satisfied with the services I’ve received, but I would be very unlikely to evaluate a service unless I had been treated badly.

In my working life, I received an appraisal each year; I expected to be observed, monitored and assessed by my employers but I…

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