Are bees staging a wildcat strike?

Where are they?



“If the bee disappeared off the face of the earth, man would only have four years left to live.” ― Maurice Maeterlinck.

Y O U R  H O M E W O R K  A S S I G N M E N T

Have the bees taken the summer off where you live?

It seems like a strange question but this was the first summer I was able to have flowers on my balcony and since the middle of June I have noticed only one bee and one butterfly visiting the flowering plants there.

In years gone by when I was able to have plants on my terrace the bees would almost swarm there and make frequent visitations at times forcing me to seek shelter inside until they were done their important work. This year not even a nibble.

The weather this year did play a major qualifying factor in the honey gathering process. We had no summer of to speak of and when the sun did break through the clouds the temperatures were way below normal.

Of course the flying situations for the bees was also a challenge. Heavy torrential downpours not only destroyed many flowers but flooded out many gardens that bees traditionally loved visiting.

This is a homework assignment for all those bloggers who over the past five months have submitted beautiful photos of the flowers growing in their gardens.

If you still have any summery weather left in your area try to notice if your flowers are being visited by bees, moths or butterflies.

On the other hand if you can recall if this past summer was a busy time for the bees in your garden write about that as well.

There is no rush to complete this project . I am just curious as to the nature of bee activity in your area. All replies are welcome. Pictures of bees at work also welcomed. 🙂

Hopefully the unusual weather pattern in my area of the world was an anomaly and not become the norm for the season.

Looking forward to your comments, concerns or critiques.

If the bees are staging a strike I hope that mankind can negotiate for a settlement agreeable to all parties concerned.

This is the latest buzz on this topic.




  1. Well, someone’s doing a good impression of a busy bee🐝 this evening/afternoon! What did you have for breakfast, Royal jelly?

    Since you ask, the bee population is known to be declining, but I’ve seen and heard ‘swarms’ of them this summer, but I’ve not managed many photographs, they’re too quick for me. We’ve had lots of butterflies too.

    I don’t mind bees they are usually far too busy doing their jobs to bother about me. Wasps however are a different matter, little Evie was stung twice on the same day and all she was doing was walking along!

    Don’t overdo it! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. They were here, visiting us in Oregon. Well, some of them at least. There have also been a few different kinds of bumble bees that have enjoyed the sunflowers and zinnias. I love seeing their little legs loaded with pollen.


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