Roaches love peanut butter too – Pt 1



“When you see cockroaches freebasing the insecticide it’s time to get professional help. The bugs will never know.” ― Neil Leckman

U N W A N T E D  H O U S E  G U E S T S 

Life is full of twists and turns and irony seems at times to be the name of the game as far as peanut butter and pests are concerned. Mice also love the stuff. They seem to prefer the smooth style and not the crunchy. At least that is what the exterminator was depositing about to the tenants suites here on Wednesday morning.

Yesterday I was expecting the yearly management team appraisal and evaluation for my suite which is performed as a formality. The office notified all the tenants in this block that an inspection was coming and I am quite sure we all tidied up our suites to accommodate these nosey bureaucrats.

Imagine my surprise when I opened the door to my flat and saw a pest exterminator standing in the doorway with his large briefcase filled with sticky papers, pads and other such necessities to rid the place of unwanted vermin living there. I am sure this did not include actual tenants.

The objects of disdain this time were cockroaches who seemed to have gained a foothold on a number of suites in my building. As we chatted he opened the large casecase and started spreading peanut butter on the sticky inside tab that catches and immobilizes the little buggers.

I told him that I had recently moved into this suite and added that this suite was recently renovated and that I thought it was pest and problem free. Wrong.

He told me that it was a formality and began placing the pest strips under the sink, beside the fridge and in the bathroom near the toilet bowl. I hate those strips because they don’t work and then you have to clean up the mess if they do capture a few of the critters.

I chatted with this guy six months ago when I lived on a main floor suite and had a number of electronic devices, poison pots and peanut butter traps scattered about my rental unit to combat herds of field mice anxious to make my home their adopted one.

I asked him if he really expected the problem to spread to the thrid and fourth floors . He answered “no” and added that a few of the lower level suites did have cockroach infestation.

It is interesting to note that the tenant who occupied my former suite on July 1st of this year moved out quickly on September 1st. That apartment was thoroughly fumigated and the renter and his possessions gone with the wind.

This in-house suite investigation was handled badly by the managerial staff and no one was on site to answer anxious renters’ questions.

There will be a part two to this story as soon as I am able to contact someone in any rental office to get the facts ( which might be highly diluted) as to why the extermination effort was a closely guarded secret until the fateful kock on each tenants door.

They say the loose lips sink ships but disgruntled tenants can also promote a bit of agitation when they are lied to outright.


Part 2 …….coming 




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