E-books make reading enjoyable



 “..books look as if they contain knowledge, while e-readers look as if they contain information.”  ― Julian Barnes

A B I L I T Y  T O  R E A D  I N  T H E  D A R K

This week’s Word Challenge on Susan and my alternate website , Weekly Prompts, is READING.

I have always been an avid and somewhat traditional reader who enjoys the feel of a solid book in his hands and had the habit of earmarking a page to find my place the next time I open the book to continue my reading.

As I got older I noticed that the letters on each page seemed to dance about and I was starting to guess what the words might be. This was more than a simple matter of buying stronger prescription lenses. For me the electronic reader  ( e reader) was the answer to my prayers.

The unit is compact, portable, can be placed inside a jacket or coat pocket or brief case. The type size can be altered to suit your viewing needs and the handy backlight feature makes reading in a darkened room a snap.

The selection of titles available is impressive and the battery life is adequate for even the most enthralled reader. I read voraciously when I was a student at university and the lull of a quiet library was drilled into my study routine. Now I am free to read wherever I wish.

I enjoy reading adventure stories, biographies, drama and mysteries.The upside to this: you can carry your reader anywhere and always enjoy a good tale wherever you are.

It is private, personal and portable. Besides with the ability to increase the size of the tpye I can leave my magnifying glass at home and focus more on enjoying the book and not focusing to see the letters. 

What more can an avid reader ask for?

Besides,  e-books help you preserve the trees of world. 


Word Prompt Reading



  1. I enjoyed reading this article and as I said before the choice of prompt was perfect for me to write my response.

    I was an early adopter of the Kindle, I loved it’s lightweight portability and still do, and compared to tablets it’s perfect in the sunshine, no glare.

    Until recently, I had several bookcases full of books, but as you know I downsized, and today I no longer feel the need to own a large collection of books and nor do I miss them. I do not care what my reading medium is, I will pick up or a book or read the Kindle, it’s immaterial.

    Despite my personal choices, I hold strong views regarding the young, it’s so important that our youngsters are exposed to physical books from a very young age, only then can a love of reading be developed and education can begin. 🙂


    • I agree with you. The young should be initially exposed to a “solid state” reading material so that they can discover for themselves the thrill of holding a book in their hands, turning a page to continue reading a story and appreciate the fact that books are a part of their cultural heritage that should be appreciated.

      Thank goodness that in this day and age public libraries have become the repositories for hard back books. Folks who enjoy the quiet nature of their public library are still accommodated to enjoy their choice of reading format.

      In my situation as you are well aware my vision problems dictate that I use the e book to continue my enjoyment of the reading experience. In my earlier days I took had a collection of hard cover books . But when you move from one place to another the books themselves become a nuisance.

      The one good aspect of e books rests in the fact that they are everywhere. They cannot readily be obliterated. I recently saw a made for television movie “The monument Men” in which the Nazis were given the directive by Hitler to burn all the books, destroy al the works of art and then ruin the transportation systems.

      This fanatical thinking was loosely based on the Nero Philosophy” and was intended to not only demoralize a citizenry but also destroy their cultural heritage.

      SO as you stated earlier children should be exposed to libraries, hard cover books and given the chance to decide for themselves if they want to read or play one of their e games.

      Preferably they will choose to read a book .

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  2. I remember ‘reading’ somewhere about the burning of books. It continues today and for no good purpose. An education is everyone’s right.

    I have a collection of books for our little ones and the first thing they do when they get here is pick up a book from the basket and climb onto my lap, unless Joss is here and then he gets them, he’s always their first choice!

    There’s an idea for your new great grandchild, start a book basket! 🙂


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