The case of the part time puffers



“So smoking is the perfect way to commit suicide without actually dying. I smoke because it’s bad, it’s really simple.” –Damien Hirst

O N E  W A Y  T O  K I L  T I M E  A N D  Y O U R S E L F

“Tween” agers ( a preteen or young teenager) with plenty of free time on their hands and nothing to occupy themselves with will devise ways to thwart their parents best attempts to keep them on the straight and narrow path of civilized society.

Rebellious natures and the eagerness to try new things are often the hallmark of such youngsters especially when they happen to live with their grandparents or in this case are foster children living with highly restrictive absentee parental figures. This is their story.

I moved into my new third floor suite at the end of June of this year. I got tired of the cadre of free range mice roaming my flat for goodies to eat, nosy neighbors with an addiction to peer inside my unit to see what I was doing and most importantly the inability to sit outside because next door neighbor children felt my patio was their extended playground. From time to time I was really tempted to moon these peeping Toms.

That being said it was a pleasure to be able to sit outside on my lawn chair, catch some tanning rays of the sun and not be accosted by the neighbor children. It was an idyllic spot for me.

Last month that blissful situation changed dramatically when an “extended” family moved into the main floor suite below mine. The number of folks living there is indeterminate since it appears their three bedroom suite accommodates more than twelve people at a time on the weekends. I also learned that the female renter was a foster parent with children in her charge.

Over the past month the definite aroma of both marijuana and cigarette smoke has been wafting its way into my unit via the exhaust fan in the half bath bathroom. The smoke enters the suite through this vent and meanders its way through the whole apartment.

On the rental lease agreement form prospective residents are told that using this drug ( even with a medical exemption card) is definitely verboten and will lead to their eviction from the building. This is a family oriented building and the belief is that safeguarding the children from these health threatening chemicals is the best route to follow.

So I try to combat this uninvited nasal assault by placing a few drops of Nil Odor on a small paper towel, placing the paper towel over the exhaust fan and turning on the exhaust fan in the hopes of ejecting the smell from my living quarters.The suction from the fan holds the towel in place . A minor victory.

I noticed this past week that the “weed” smokers are children who bring the family dog into the room with them. Their voices and the dog’s barking is evident. They try to disguise what they are doing by also smoking a regular tobacco cigarette to hide any trace of the pot and as a finishing touch using bleach to camouflage  the aroma. That did not work. It only alerted me to the situation. 

The old woman who cares for these children is a mean spirited, cane wielding harpy whose temperament would make Attila the Hun seem like a pussy cat.I recently learned of her disposition from the manageress of this site who told me that the woman is difficult to reason with and very stubborn. 

I am quite sure she would not hesitate to use her cane on the children to get them to obey her . I hesitate to chat with her at all lest I get caned within an inch of my life. I have seen her in action hurling her cane at the family dog and that was not a pretty sight. More on that in another article.

I wrote an email to management , described the situation but did not name names. Hopefully the “management team” will issue yet another bulletin to all the residents informing them of the policy of  “No Dope Smoking Allowed”.

Companies that rent units to prospective tenants should do  a more thorough background check on their renters. Obviously from what I have seen over the years they do not. A pity.

I hope the youngsters experimenting with “cigarette” smoking and the “wacky tobacky” will kick the habit before they are lured into using the more life threatening drugs out there.

At the time of this writing the rental office is closed for the holiday weekend. What they intend to do is anyone’s guess at this stage of the rental game. 

Apartment living is great as long as you keep your drapes closed and your eyes shut. – gc




    • You are correct it is “their choice” to experiment with tobacco, dope and many other things we have all probably toyed with. But on the other side of the coin families with young children and seniors with breathing problems do NO want to become the receptacle of these youngsters smoking adventures.


        • Non smokers are the first to detect the residual aroma of any kind of smoking. I don’t necessarily gag but I do want to open a window and get rid of the toxic material.


          • Passive smoking is a proven killer, my brother a non-smoker died from lung cancer, he was only 55 years old. He’d spent years working with smokers in the days when smoking indoors at the workplace was allowed.

            I stopped smoking in my twenties, we weren’t really aware of the dangers back then. I was even handed an ash tray when in hospital!

            One day, my friend was honest with me and told me I smelled bad and so did my children. That was it for me, I was horrified and immediately went cold turkey and never looked back. 🙂

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