“N” is for nutty neighbors Pt 1



“In life it seems you can pick your winning lotto numbers, your congested nose and the place where you will reside but with all that choice you cannot pick your neighbors.” 

W H I R R I N G  W E E K E N D  A C T I V I T Y 

This week’s Word Prompt on my partner Susan and my alternate site WEEKLY PROMPTS is the word NEIGHBORS.

My run of luck with having wonderful, understanding and considerate neighbors over the past number of years has been on the down low. Sharing my living space with hungry mice, barking dogs, boorish neighbors and of course the occasional early morning stabbing are just a few of the highlights.

Sometimes a neighbor will do something that not only surprises me but also makes me want to invest in a few Doberman Pinschers to guard my vulnerable castle’s entrance.

We all would tend to agree that there is a time and proper place for the use of high power equipment such as the saw illustrated in the above photo. They are used at construction sites, in tool sheds or work shops and are usually associated with work related activities.

But what would you think if you heard the steadywhirr of such an implement on a sunny Saturday afternoon emanating from the suite above yours and you also noticed that a steady shower of saw dust was now freely cascading onto your balcony from the suite above?

I opened my balcony door and looked up to the suite above mine. The saw dust was flowing freely and the noise from the saw even louder. Something heavy occasionally thudded on the floor above and my curiosity got the better of me. I had to investigate this noise.

There is a managerial directive that requests tenants with an issue to call the office but in this case since it was Saturday I decided to disregard their order and check out the source of my concerns. That is the John Steed aspect of my personality.

The view from the main floor sidewalk up into the suite was not that revealing. I did not know if the person using the saw was male or female. The sawing was happening near the open balcony door.

That being the case I returned to my suite and dialed the resident manager’s office. The call was transferred to an offsite location. This was the weekend after all. 

A female answered the call and I explained the situation to her. I asked her what she thought was going on in the suite and she answered that she did not know but assured me she would call the tenant and get the answer from him. She informed me that she was managing two rental property sites and had her hands full.

Ten minutes later the sawing continued, the sawdust kept falling and again there was the occasional heavy thud on the floor. She did not return my telephone call. I was getting antsy as the sawing continued.

Once again I called the office and the same female told me that she contacted the principal resident there and he said the sawing was being done by his room mate. He promised to contact his room mate and find out what he was doing with the saw.

When I told her the ruckus was continuing she told me should would drop by the property and find out what was going on in there. She told me she would get back to me.

A few hours later I gave up hope that she was going to visit the apartment. I hoped that she did run into foul play and was one of those thuds I was hearing on my ceiling.

The suite in question was the scene of a stabbing eighteen month earlier and the police were called in to investigate the incident. I did not know if the previous tenants had moved away. Naturally I did not want a repeat incident to occur there vecause me suite is directly underneath a potential crime scene.

I guess I am a subscriber to the ” see something…say something” train of thought. A number of tenants in this building turn a blind eye to anything suspicious. Not me. Guess I am a busybody. Who knows.

I wondered if the manageress visited the site and discovered what was happening up there…?

In part two will tell you what I found out and what I discovered. Stay tuned. 🙂


Word Prompt Neighbors


……………. Part 2 coming soon!






  1. I used to have a neighbor who did his carpentry at home regularly. Also, another neighbor’s flower pots’ soil overflowed and dripped down to my balcony railing. My neighbor on the ground level wanted their piece of private garden but some neighbors on higher levels consistently threw litter down. The list of complaints is endless.

    I’ll check back later for your Part 2.


    • It seems that there is a universal acceptance of the rule that dumping liter on ground floor residences is normal. It’s not. When I lived on “main floor” suite always had to pick up broken beer bottles, abandoned sub sandwiches, doggy poop and an assortment of other such patio embellishing surprises. Looking forward to seeing your comment on Part 2 of the neighbors. 🙂


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