Sometimes more not less is needed



It is strange a difference comes from a subtraction.” ― Natasha Tsakos

Last Saturday’s photo challenge on my partner Susan and my alternate website “WEEKLY PROMPTS” was SIZE MATTERS.

Susan in her article wrote about downsizing the photos you upload to Word Press so that the amount of space you store on that site will not cost you money but still preserve the essence and quality of your art work stored on that site.

Sometimes taking the “less is more” approach to your photos and artwork can distort the content and the overall sentiment you as an artist/blogger/ photographer wish to express to your readers.

Many times this blanket reduction process can diminish from the overall effect you are trying to achieve. The two photos above show how over minimalizing your work can change the sentiment and the message you are trying to convey.

While I agree with my talented partner that submitters should reduce the size of the art work they wish to use in their article they should not go over board and delete too much content from their submissions so much so that their deletions lead to a misreading of their art.

I think I played devil’s advocate there but did not try to refute the logic or the intent of Susan’s basic blog article. 

In the newspaper game there is an expression of “crop your photos ruthlessly”. If followed to extremes you lose the value of your art work.  


Photo Challenge – Size Matters!



  1. I’m not so sure your images are the best examples. Both the images have the same amount of pixels so storage on your site is exactly the same for each of them, but because one has been edited to black and white the clarity is lost.

    The point I was making on my blog was that by resizing, (not cropping) and using software to physically change the amount of pixels, we save storage but do not lose out on showing a good reproduction of the image. If our images are above a certain limit, WordPress automatically reduces the size to something like 700 x 700 (approximately) and that is the copy that is shown on our posts, but the image stored is exactly the same as when we Uploaded it, so uploading an image of 3000 x 5000 pixels is a waste of storage as my own example images showed.

    I doubt storage would ever be a problem for you. You don’t do multiple photo shows and your images are usually vastly reduced in size before uploading. 🙂


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