This checkout stand item absurd



“Here, you go to the supermarket and you have wipes to clean your hands before shopping. No, we don’t have that in France, but we recycle.” – Berenice Bejo

H O W  D E E P  I S  Y O U R  W A L L E T  ?

This week’s photo challenge on my partner Susan and my alternate site Weekly Prompts is “Store Displays”.

In case you have not noticed many supermarket checkout display stands attempt to cater to and corral those customers whose tastes run deeper than the customary need for a loaf of bread, quart of milk and oh yeah dozen of eggs for the Sunday omelette.

One such market I recently visited offered their customers the chance to spend between $50 to $500 on a credit card purchase under the catchy marketing slogan “Happy him…Happy her…happy kid”. The photo above explains it all.

The cards were strategically placed near the gossip tabloids, Cosmopolitan magazine and in this case Canadian Living and proudly displayed not in a swanky and high end shopping outlet in Beverly Hills or Manhattan. This was just your typical local market ( neighborhood variety).

I only noticed this display after ending up in a checkout line that was long, slow and definitely over populated. I felt sorry for the cashier servicing this lot.

Not one of the many customers having their shopping items cashier before me paid any attention to the card display. They were busy watching the cashier log in their items, wrestling candy bars from their children and many chatting with their spouses about weekend plans.

Sometimes it seems that marketing gurus have no clue as to what will or will not work and so they go on a fishing expedition hoping they will get a few consumer nibbles for their efforts.

Well in this case their nets were empty and nibbles few or very far between.

Photo Challenge – Store Displays





  1. I’m not too certain what these are, At first glance I assumed they were gift cards, the type you purchase as a birthday gift for someone when you have no idea what else to give them, a year’s Subscription to a magazine, Amazon, music etc. Not heard of Him, Her and kids.

    If these are gift cards we also have them in every supermarket but not at the checkout. Supermarkets here are also banned from having sweets (Candy) on display at the checkouts.

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      • We used to have those checkout treats too but not today, and I can understand why.
        I wouldn’t dream of visiting the candy aisle and yet I often picked up something to nibble when waiting at the checkout. We even have a sugar tax on canned drinks to encourage this nation into a healthier lifestyle and cut down on obesity, diabetes, and lighten the load of the NHS.

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  2. I hold the belief that product designers do not use their products themselves. Many products don’t work properly and have short working duration. They don’t understand their own products and hand them over to ad agencies who amplify a few features based on blind faith of what the blurb says. Then the store clerks place the product in obscure display pigeon-holes.

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    • Agree with you totally. I get suspicious when there is a major markdown on the price of an item that has been gathering dust on the shelve for a long time. Placing these useless items near the checkout stand is their last desperate effort to make a buck.


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